PRESStitution See End Note 1   is rampant in America. That sacred, glowing light that grows dimmer that we call a “Free Press” is bought and paid for. Fact. Not conspiracy-mongering.

As citizens we depend on a free press to fill our minds with fair, honest, uncontrolled knowledge and information. Instead, we learn almost daily that our “free press” is bought and paid for, and, thereby, controlled by a powerful few who have consolidated their ownership of the press, the government, and by advertisers who have sway over editorial content.

We learn almost weekly that stories we thought were honest, truthful reports, were mere fiction.

None of this is new information to you. You know and accept this. You even know and accept, as I do, that, at certain times and only occasionally, using the press for government propaganda is an absolute necessity. Yet, there is a limit to how many lies we can tolerate and pay for.

If you still have a newspaper subscription, or turn to popular “mass-media” TV or radio programs for your news, you may be one of today’s dinosaurs. If you know or suspect that those sources often lie to you, yet, you continue to rely upon them, pay for subscriptions to them, or pay your cable company to deliver them to your home, then you are an accomplice supporting presstitution.

The press has been caught many times with its hands in the cookie jar, lying, failing to do proper investigative journalism, and even orchestrating stories or “news events”.

Nowhere is this presstitution more available than in the recent run up to the Presidency, (as of June, 2016). Where’s the free press when you need them the most? We are inundated with a stream of fiction when we most need valid, credible, well-rounded, and well-investigated information about these candidates. However, it doesn’t begin or end with these candidates. Even before and beyond the candidates took to the stage to stump for the Office of the President, many newsworthy events have been ignored, downplayed, distorted in the mass media.

Is it any wonder the alternative press, despite limited manpower and near-zero budgets, is attracting a parabolically growing ONLINE  readership?

People seek truthful news. If today’s mass-media,  (the news sources we pay cable companies and paper printers to force upon us), refuses to serve the truth, people have no alternative but to turn to the alternative press.


  1. “PRESSTITUTES” is a term that I understand was first coined by Gerald Celente, a researcher of societal trends, published author of several books on trend analysis, and publisher of the Trends Journal, a regular publication about trends stemming from geo-political and economic news.