Before you read this…please do so with the understanding that this is “just for fun”, for entertainment purposes only. With that in mind, read on and discover why I am making these “prophetic” statements for 2015.

Details for each can be read in the extended explanations below the summary list.

Here’s the summary list of my 2015 predictions:

  1. Hillary Clinton gains momentum in her run for President of USA.
  2. Jeb Bush is the counter-balance to Hillary.
  3. Corporations gain more political clout.
  4. USA hegemony turns to food dominance from oil dominance.
  5. The Remnimbi, (Yuan) becomes the 3rd Global Reserve Currency.
  6. The Global warming tax scam, (carbon Tax), continues.
  7. USA GDP, (the economy), will contract by 2%.
  8. More money printing ahead.
  9. Stock Market woes turn bullish.
  10. ADULT Stem Cell Therapies excite the imagination.
  11. Rights and freedoms continue to implode.
  12. Fewer guns and more gun confiscation.
  13. More, Not Less, Police Powers.
  14. Overhead dangers from drone collisions.
  15. Hard hats become fashionable.
  16. Criminals ramp up facial recognition to commit burglaries.
  17. Fashion Disguises proliferate to defeat facial recognition.
  18. Gate recognition software becomes more refined.
  19. “SELFIES” in Public Places declared a nuisance.
  20. A new computer Operating System.
  21. Oil price will drop to $30 USD a barrel.
  22. Governments begin releasing their own crypto-currencies.

Here’s the same 22 points but in more detail:.

  1. Hillary Clinton will run for President of USA. Throughout 2015, momentum in her favor will pick up rapidly. Hillary is going to be America’s new president in 2016.  How do I know? Just watch how history is being rewritten through the TV show, “Madam Secretary”. This TV series, “Madam Secretary”, is a perfect tool to help boost Hillary’s popularity to become president of America. As for the show itself, “Madam Secretary” is clever and well worth watching, even if you don’t plan to vote for Hillary. It’s very entertaining and can teach corporate leaders how to handle “real power”. The portrayal of Hillary is outstanding, larger than life. The actress demonstrates “God Father” like poise and mastery of power. Based on the portrayal of Hillary in this TV show, Hillary definitely deserves to be the next president of America. “Madame Secretary” is a blockbuster, a must-watch. Exciting. Smart. Very well-done. A tool to help get Hillary elected.
  2. Jeb Bush is sacrificed in 2015 and 2016 as the entertainment to serve as counter-balance to Hillary Clinton’s run up to the presidency. It’ll make things appear to be “democratic” enough. But Hillary is the “shoe-in” as the next president. Meanwhile, Jeb will come around again for the following presidential run and will be the winner at that time, in 2020. So, a win-win for both Hillary and Jeb. And entertainment for the rest of us, in the meantime.
  3. The Rise of Corporations. With the passing of the new budget in America, big companies and wealthy patrons will tug harder at the strings of politcians. The average American has less control over who gets into political positions. With the USA December budget, 2014, the cap on political spending has increased 10x. There is no subtlety left to politicians being bought off and becoming puppets of corporations. We’ll see an increasing number of decisions made by your “elected” politicians in favor of corporations at the expense of the average citizen.
  4. USA hegemony is not dying. It is merely evolving to a new life form. As USA loses its control over global oil, and as its role of the USA dollar as reserve currency begins to fade, the USA must unleash its next tool to ensure USA global hegemony can continue. In 2015,  America will show the world that it has a superior position,  and dominates the fate of other countries, through the control of global food and food supply. The big agriculture and food distribution companies will play an increasingly vital strategic role in supporting and continuing America’s global hegemonial strategies. Though oil prices are collapsing and the USA is likely out of gold reserves, don’t bet against the USA just yet.
  5. The Remnimbi, (Yuan) will become the 3rd Global Reserve Currency. China will be given authorization at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to have its currency become the third global reserve currency to take its place alongside that of the EURO and the US dollar.
  6. Global warming will continue. Global warming is a natural earth cycle and has little or nothing to do with emissions made by mankind.  Regardless, more pseudo science will be used to argue the case that tax payers ought to be punished because of global warming. Science has become so corrupt that the political wishes control the science these days.  Your “carbon tax” will do nothing to stem the multi-decade cycle of global warming but will certainly feed into the government to spend wastefully in ways only politicians can do.
  7. USA GDP, (the economy), will contract by 2% or more in 2015. Despite all the good reports which are peppering the air waves about jobs and the booming consumer spending due to cheap gas prices, there is no way for any nation, let alone America, to resist the pressure caused by the demographic shift of baby boomers exiting the consumer marketplace. Demographics will prove to be the stronger force and that means reduced spending across all sectors of the economy. Reduced spending will force corporations to trim back on their expenses. Trimming back on corporate costs  implies more layoffs. More layoffs then less spending. The circle will become vicious and the USA Federal Reserve will become panic-stricken as they become powerless to stem the deflationary cycle.
  8. More money printing ahead. The USA Federal Reserve will perform one more desperate round of something equivalent to more money printing. It won’t be called “Quantitative Easing” this time. But, like the previous 3 rounds of easy-money printing, this, too, will do nothing to stimulate the real economy since demand is suppressed by the demographic shift caused by baby boomers exiting the economy.
  9. Stock Market woes. The stock market will suffer for about 6 months,  from January to about June or July then with the news that the Federal Reserve is going to pump more money into the banking system the stock market will rebound once again. With the deflationary cycle ahead for businesses, they won’t be borrowing so the velocity of money will continue to get crushed. The banks will have no where else to invest existing and forthcoming cheap cash but in the stock market. The banks will buy stocks and drive up the stock market as banks have done in the previous 3 rounds of easy money.
  10. ADULT STEM CELL RESEARCH will start to reveal amazing findings that will begin to serve mankind in amazing and wonderful ways. In addition to becoming a go-to therapy for almost all cancers, we will witness much more publicity about stem cells being used to help to repair damaged hearts and other damaged organs, such as the pancreas for diabetics. We may even learn of experiments to regenerate the more common problematic tissues such as the cartilage in arm, knee and ankle joints. Adult stem cells may even be used to help people recover from recent debilitating spinal injuries and to enable them to walk again without the assistance of mechanical devices, if the damage is treated in time.
  11. Wave good bye to your rights and freedoms. The trend has been going on for over a decade. In 2015 we will witness an acceleration of the loss of rights and freedoms. Governments will do much more to restrict free speech and to crush the rights of privacy among its citizens. Though this will be predominate in the USA and in Britain other countries will gladly climb on board, too, with their own versions of restrictions.
  12. Fewer guns. More effort will be made by the American government to take away guns from Americans. In 2015 we will likely learn of more shooting events by crazy people.  This will increase public pressure to relieve Americans of their rights to bear arms. The government will gladly comply by confiscating guns anywhere it can.
  13. More, Not Less, Police Powers. The police will continue to increase their powers of search and seizure, and will justify increased events of break-and-enter on the basis of searching for terror suspects who are hiding in residences. The test run, the experiment, occurred during the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, a few years ago, when police barged into homes of innocent citizens ordering them at gunpoint and while screaming at occupants in case they were harboring one of the Boston bombers. Expect more such incidents in 2015, and even more in the years following. Talk about uninvited guests!
  14. Drones will be bumping into each other. There is no question the use of drones by the military, police and any other 1st-responder is going to become increasingly popular and increasingly useful. More and more drones will be equipped with thermal imaging cameras and sound-sensing equipment for use in surveillance. With sniffer dogs on the ground and “sniffer drones” in the air, a criminal won’t stand a chance of fleeing a crime scene. But a complicating factor can become the density of drones over urban spaces. We know of  legitimate industrial uses of drones such as for roof inspections, aerial photography, etc. Combine that with the need for drones used  by police, fire and military, the skies will indeed become crowded. In 2015 we will start to learn of an increasing number of drone-to-drone aerial collisions or drones malfunctioning and dropping from the skies. Watch out below as drone debris falls from the sky.
  15. The Hard Hat Industry To Become CHIC. Based on the above point about increasing drone density and falling debris from the sky, the hard hat industry will transition from ugly worker hard hats into fashionable protective head gear. Strong, fashionable head protection from falling DRONE debris will arrive in 2015.
  16. More Criminals Use Facial Recognition Software.  Technology has its good points and its bad points. This is one of the bad points. Though the police have developed sophisticated facial recognition systems, there are elements of the criminal world who can also get their hands on facial matching and recognition software and then easily compare photos of you while dining or while shopping to your photos you so willingly plastered all over your social media. Criminals can match your photo to facial recognitions software, then look up your address while you are away from home. Technology will enable home burglaries.
  17. Fashion Disguises To defeat Facial Recognition Systems. This year we will see more retailers offering facial recognition defeating fashion wear. [I can’t vouch for how well that works, or if it works at all.] But donning some sort of facial recognition trickery may become the way of defeating the criminal element mentioned in point #16 above.
  18. Your Gate Tells All.  As facial recognition defeating disguises begin to flourish, the police will be forced to transition to alternate recognition systems. One such experiment is going on right now to monitor and record your gate, the way you walk. It is being discovered that each person’s walking style is as unique as fingerprints. I’ve often been told that nobody walks like I do!
  19. Increased Public Sensitivity to Mobile Phone “SELFIES” in Public Places. As people come to realize that mobile phones can be used to take photos for nefarious purposes, people will begin to resent those around them who appear to be taking selfies. What may appear to be a selfie may be a photo of you, your family or your kids…just no way to know if the mobile user is a pervert or taking a selfie.  You may want to start giving stern looks to those mobile users sitting at the table near you if they are taking selfies when sitting alone?!
  20. Where’s that new, more-efficient, hacker-resistant operating system, (OS)?!  It should be here by now. Certainly, we must bless MICROSOFT for having enabled the world to advance as much as it has because of its efficient operating system and efficient software that runs on its platforms. It is time to go to something more secure. we need a new operating system to appear on the market. Likely DARPA already has that figured out. But, since DARPA’s extraordinary operating system is a USA military advantage for the next decade or so, we are not likely to hear of any DARPA OS’s anytime soon. But I have to believe there are some 195 I.Q. geeks out there who are ready to introduce the world to the next operating system. What about the brains within companies like Alibaba, Google, Apple?   2015 is a good year for new, hacker-resistant, faster, more-efficient operating system.
  21. Price of oil will drop to $30 USD a barrel.  That’s the point where almost all oil companies will collapse, except the biggest, most powerful, most solidly-financed companies. I don’t believe for a minute that the grand strategy is to collapse the Russian economy with cheap oil. My opinion, (and this is JUST an opinion), is that oil prices are being pushed down by a deliberate move to consolidate the oil industry and to crush competition within the domestic USA oil industry. Back in the late 1940s and 1950s  thousands of oil companies were pushing out a huge supply of oil, much like we are witnessing today from the shale drillers, today’s frackers. Back then, the oil arm of the Rockefeller dynasty cleverly affected oil import taxes to ensure domestic competition was wiped out allowing the Rockefeller dynasty to buy domestic competitors at pennies on the dollar. I suggest a similar dynamic is playing out today, maybe not only by the Rockefeller dynasty, but by a handful of big oil companies. We ought to see the results by about August, 2015.
  22. GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED Crypto-currencies will begin to appear in the market place. We will hear of governments beginning to challenge one another in the “Bit-Coin” type crypto-currency, digital space. Likely the USA government will be the laggard of the G-7 countries since the citizenry of America is among the slowest to move to chipped credit and debit cards, a likely precondition before an entire nation can transition into a crypto-currency.