It’s by design, not by accident. Politicians want it that way. They want to, they need to, distract you with trivia that captivates while they BREAK YOUR SPIRIT.See End Note

Why?  Because they want and they need you to be malleable and compliant.

Once you install those politicians into office something frightening happens. Something snaps.

  • Ethics? “Snap!”.
  • Representation of the people?  “Snap!”
  • Concern for family and values, and the American way of life? “Snap!”.
  • The rule of law? “Snap!”

Once you install your favorite politicians into their seat of power, you no longer are “the people”. Instead, you are their obstacle, something and someone that stands between them and their shortcut to wealth and power. And you, as with any other obstacle, must be dealt with and neutralized or removed entirely. Though you don’t realize it, “they” have been successfully dealing with you.

CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS, who once served as Assistant Housing Secretary, and who is currently an investment advisor and the publisher of The Solari Report, eloquently explained how, back in 1997, the media and the political establishment successfully kept the nation’s attention riveted to the disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinsky while elsewhere in government circles money was being stolen, misdirected, and laundered. Fitts explains that today the government continues with black budgets, money laundering, and other nasties. Have you heard much about that in the popular press or on FOX, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC?  Likely not. But Fitts is one who spills the beans, so to say, and who is eminently qualified to do so.

In a recent report, Fitts introduces us to a new phenomenon taking place right under our noses in plain daylight. Yet, only trained eyes can see it. Her eyes. She calls it “Cut and run”.

In short,  now that “they” have successfully blindsided and fleeced YOU for all of which you are worth, (that is, worth to them), they have begun a their great dumping of financial and moral responsibilities and obligations.

Read her report in the link in the END NOTE below.


It is worth the very few minutes of your time to read this brilliant piece by Fitts, by clicking here: “Crazy Man Versus Criminal: Cut and Run, Monica Lewinsky II, & Real Trouble Ahead“, BY Catherine Austin Fitts. The SOLARI REPORT. October 1, 2016.  at 12:10 am.