Great.  Just Great. [Said with tongue in cheek.]

On Aug. 27, 2015, WALL STREET JOURNAL ran a piece advising that, Molycorp Inc., the only U.S. producer of rare earths, can no longer compete due to outrageously low commodity prices from China and has to close its doors.

This now leaves America with no domestic sources of Rare Earth raw materials which are very much needed for consumer products and especially for military weapons.

Molycorp will soon stop producing special minerals, called elements, and because they are so hard to find, and so difficult and costly to mine, they are classified as RARE EARTH ELEMENTS, (REE).  Though these elements are classified as “rare” elements, to you and I they appear to be used in everyday, common electronics. They are essential for just about everything electronic from capacitors and transistors to your computer and hand-held smart phones. But more importantly, they are essential for the manufacture of the weapons which America’s military needs to be able to continue threatening China and Russia…and Iran, Iraq, ISIS, Al Queada, and everyone else it wags its finger at.

Without its own domestic source of supply, where does the USA now turn to in order to get the REE it needs to keep its military strong and its electronics competitive?  To the very nations it has been dissing for so many years, China. But Russia is also included. Titanium is also considered a REE and it is used in military weapons and rockets. The world’s source of Titanium is Russia.

When Molycorp closes, the USA will have to turn to both China and Russia the major suppliers of REE.  Let’s hope that both china and Russia will have the ability to overlook and ignore all of the insults and badgering from USA leaders and will be kind hearted enough to continue supplying the USA with all the REE it needs to keep its military strong and American guns and propaganda pointed at both of them.

Does anyone else see the ridiculousness of this situation brought about by the lack of foresight from the USA leadership and military?

Let’s hope that the leaders of China and Russia have thick enough skin to withstand the taunting and the continuous volley of barbs thrown at them by the USA administration. At some point, though, expect that poking the proverbial sleeping giant will awaken it.

In the meantime, this might be a good time for the USA military to begin stockpiling every ounce of REE it needs for the next 10 years before the sleeping dragon wakes up and puts a stop to exporting of their REE.