This is a new index and it makes a whole lot of sense. Unlike many services this one is pricing water based on delivered cost and not merely on the cost of living index called the Consumer [product] Price  Index, (CPI), which we know recently has been bastardized so much by your “trust me” government,  as to be rendered nearly irrelevant.

Instead the WATER COST INDEX, (WCI), seeks to calculate real-world, actual costs of water compared to the amount of water delivered to users in a particular municipality. Though this index is going to become a precious barometer for measuring government efficiency both intra-, and inter-municipalities, that is, for comparing like project costs among municipalities and also when making allocation decisions between projects within a municipality, something that can’t be practically done today, this is also interesting for us users of water, and possibly more so for us. Why? Because it clearly illustrates what a deal we as residents of municipalities are getting and it emphasizes how our municipal taxes help cover current hidden subsidies we, as taxpayers, hardly consider when asking where our tax dollars are going.

As taxpayers, it also becomes useful for us as a tool by which we can demand more accountability of our city councils. Wouldn’t it nice to be able to hold our politicians MORE ACCOUNTABLE by demanding the WCI for various projects, a number we can relate to in layperson terms without needing to have a PhD in accounting?

For example, with this index, we can put a cost to the fresh water wasted from leakage of underground fresh water pipelines.

As another use for this barometer we can examine the cost makeup of delivering fresh water and challenge the pollution or the financial waste from adding redundant, and recently proven dangerous, chemicals, (eg., Fluoride), added to water systems. For example, why is it still a practice to dump unnecessary and DANGEROUS Fluoride into drinking water? It’s an industrial chemical, poisonous when overdosed, (think infants, toddlers and the malnourished), wastes approximately $100,000 for a municipality of 375,000, and is readily available in just about everyone’s fluoride toothpaste–which cautions “Do NOT SWALLOW”. And, by the way, if you or I ever were to administer an industrial chemical and claim it was good for your health, or a medication without a license, we’d be rounded up and tossed into jail. Does your city council have a licence to force you to drink chemicals or to practice medicine? Nope. You’d think doctors would make a fuss about this. Nope.

Maybe through the cost accountability that the WCI may facilitate we can save money, upgrade delivery systems, and even save ourselves from the dangers of fluoridated water. So far common sense doesn’t seem to be working!! Maybe the WCI can!

To learn more about the WCI, visit their website by clicking here: