COMMON CORE SUCCEEDING: Dummies Everywhere!!!

I recently purchased an item to do a small repair job in my house. The price, including sales taxes, [money the government badly needs in order to help finance the educational system], came to $9.05.  So, I handed the cashier a...

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Boom! Boom Boom! Zonk.

What is happening on the global geo-political stage that the media is gently telling us about? China builds three man-made islands in the middle of the ocean. USA warns China to stop that. China ignores the USA. Russia buzzes...

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Best and Safest INVESTMENTS.

It’s YOU. Invest in yourself and you’ll reap the greatest rewards, from personal to financial. Steps to making yourself a richer and more valuable human being: Take courses relevant to your objectives and...

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Facts and ONLY The Facts

But you won’t find “Facts and only the facts” in many of today’s news reports or on so-called news channels. Many news channels are so influenced by big money backers such as advertisers or by the...

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FLYING Car–Coming Soon

When I saw the article in the China news a few days ago, I saw a photo that was almost the clone of a photo I recall having seen about 15 years ago in one of the Science or Mechanics magazines. I don’t clearly recall which...

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SUMMER VACATION and Other Cavaets

THIS  “Nugget” [“nugget” because it is valuable] will be a very important reminder to you about skin, (sun); lungs; hearing; and food  safety in that order. SKIN, (SUN), SAFETY:   Sunscreen protective...

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No I in Infrastructure, but SURVIVAL, Yes!

If  USA political leaders really wanted to help America, they’d direct more money into infrastructure programs in addition to the tax revenues from tax on gasoline. Though there’d be no glory to doing that,...

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Coincidence? More Like Competition

Starting in March, China will become a member of the London Gold Pricing team of  bankers that are allowed to set the worldwide price of gold bullion. Up to now, those bankers  have been working closely with U.S Federal Reserve...

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What is wrong with society when veterans can’t find jobs?!  What is wrong with a nation that lets politicians ignore this issue? What is wrong with consumers who buy products from companies who fail to provide substantial...

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How WEALTHY Become / Stay Wealthy

The wealthy know how to pass their wealth from generation to generation. Each generation is taught very valuable wealth-growing and wealth-protecting lessons. Here are SEVEN of those WELATH-BUILDING lessons used by...

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Women Rule

As a male, I’ve always known there was something special about women. Recent comments by a...

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