I’ve written many times that “TAXATION to Mitigate Climate Change” is a bunch of nonsense but now we have more proof.

Raising taxes and also imposing higher costs for goods through “Carbon Tax Credits” certainly will financially drain tax payers, will put people out of work, and will suck money out of desperately needed social, veteran, and emergency-response budgets.

But it will do NOTHING to slow, stop or reverse climate change!

This is explained thoroughly in a textbook and in terminology that you and I can understand:   Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science.”  See End Note 1

If you dislike reading books, as many are growing to do, there is an alternate way you can arrive at proof to satisfy yourself.  I say: HERE’S THE DEFINITIVE PROOF…

Visit Antarctica and check out the once-thriving tropical forests down there.  That’s right. That frozen, mass of two-mile thick ice has revealed that Antarctica once was a paradise of sorts: warm, thick groves of forests which were lush and vibrant green.

Scientists have found fossils of TROPICAL FORESTS in Antarctica under all that frozen ice.  Those fossils, both of trees and of leaves from trees, date back thousands and thousands of years. That means, Antarctica was a WARM PLACE at one point in time.  See End Note 2   Those fossils indicate that thriving lush forest existed as much as 50 million years ago.  See End Note 3

Do you think that “politicians”, if they existed back then, could have stopped Antarctica from turning into a mass of ice by imposing higher taxes?  Of course not.

When you hear arguments for taxation in any form, direct taxation or carbon tax credits, as a prophylactic against damage from further climate change,  just remember that not even higher taxes or even carbon tax credits are mightier than the earth itself.

The earth moves through very large cycles, hundreds of years and thousands of years.  During those large time cycles: the earth’s revolution, (its orbit around the sun), wobbles, the sun increases and decreases in temperature, and sun spots increase and decrease, earth’s magnetic fields fluctuate, volcanoes add more or less contaminants into the atmosphere is quantities that far exceed human amounts, and on and on. Even the axis of the earth wobbles. Any and all of this can affect temperatures in cycles, [CYCLES for emphasis!], some of which are too long to have been measured.

If statistics takes a piece of the total data, something it is limited to doing because the data only goes back about 120 years and not 11,000 years or millions of years, it certainly can be used to present a BISED view that politicians can use to justify reaching into your pockets for more tax dollars. But that amounts to questionable use of science.

If climate changes in periods of 260 years or so, is this data recording just one-half of the weather cycle?  Is it recording the half as we warm or as we cool, or averaging the two?  What about in the next few years?  What will the data show?

A meeting of scientists in 2012 presented a viewpoint that people can do little to nothing to stop earth from moving through its warming and cooling cycles.  “Climate change is [already]…rebutting climate alarmists who think human use of fossil fuels is causing ultimately catastrophic global warming…global temperatures have already been declining for more than 10 years, and will continue for another two decades or more.”  See End Note 4 

As you can see from the quote above, this extremely cold winter of 2017, so far, fits well with the hypothesis that we are now entering the cycle of earth cooling.

Whether warming or cooling, a simple question: “Will taxes be able to stop the earth from moving through its historical NTURAL long-term cycles of warming and cooling?”  No.

No one can argue that the earth experiences climate change, sometimes warming and sometimes cooling. But there is plenty of debate about the influence fossil fuels plays on causing the changes to happen.  Antarctica, remember, was once a warm, tropical continent.

And, Antarctica can teach us much more than the mere fact that climate change can not be altered or stopped.

SUPERVOLCANOES down there are generating massive quantities of heat and gases, and yes, CARBON DIOXIDE and other gases, too. Slowly the ice in Antarctica is melting, but melting because of the HEAT from underneath the ice from those SUPERVOLCANOES. In time, Antarctica will reveal many more of its secrets as the SUPERVOLCANOES continue to warm the continent once again.

As the politicians sway their verbal battles to separate you from your money, you just might want to stay one step ahead of them by keeping your eyes open for some super price deals on end-of-season winter clothes. Might as well prepare for our upcoming next phase of climate change.

Oh, yes… If you can afford one, buy yourself a snow thrower, too. It will be very useful in the years to come, I’m sure.  Even if it is…gas powered!


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