LEAP OF FAITH.  This exciting work caught my attention largely because of a number of events and coincidences that have occurred in my own life, which made me wonder how other people would have reacted to what I experienced. Would other people have reacted or acted differently? Would other people have seen something sooner than I did that could have resulted in different outcomes than what I experienced?  I bet you have the same question, too. Whether it is yourself, or people you have met, you most likely experienced that “thing” we call a hunch, intuition, even a prophecy, which uncannily comes to pass, that leaves you wondering if you should have noticed sooner and reacted differently.  Matt Holmes puts pen to paper to take you on an exciting journey through the eyes of Maggie Stillwell. What if Maggie’s experiences happened to you?  How would you react?  Would you be astute enough, in tune enough, to recognize the significance of events unfolding before your very eyes?Would you have realized that even on the off chance that these events were predictive that they could and would affect your future, affect your entire life? 

Come. Test yourself. Match your wits with Maggie’s. Even if Maggie outsmarts you, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by the talented writing by Matt Holmes.  


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Printed copy:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/matt-holmes/leap-of-faith/paperback/product-21488309.html

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Everyone likes to have a taste experiences before they buy a work of art. Here is a sample from LEAP OF FAITH  for your enjoyment:

It was obvious to me, right from the start, that Keri-Anne wasn’t a member of what was euphemistically called ‘the in crowd.’ She was wearing clothes from the mid-90s, which all by itself would’ve gotten her kicked out of any self-respecting cool club. She wore glasses instead of contacts, and not even one of those retro styles that had come back into fashion at the time. Add a mousy patch of short, brown hair pulled back from her forehead by a pair of pink barrettes, and all that was missing was a ‘Kick Me’ sign on her back.

 That first time I noticed her, she was sitting by herself at one end of a table in the cafe, eating a brown bag lunch with her nose buried in a book. In those days, she was an avid reader who’d sometimes burn through two books in a week. This was before a potential love interest at university told her she was too much of a bookworm and soured her on the whole literary angle.

 Anyway, on that Monday afternoon that I glanced over and saw Keri-Anne sitting by herself, I didn’t approach her or even make eye contact. I just thought she looked kind of sad, sitting all alone like that, while I was busy faking it with four girls I’d already begun feeling bored around. Conversations within that particular group, all of whom I’d known in elementary school, never veered far from boys, fashion and how dumb everything was. In my brief glimpse of Keri-Anne several tables away, I couldn’t help envying the way she was at least being spared all of that.

 About The Author

Let’s get personal…Learn more about Matt Holmes, the author of LEAP OF FAITH.

Matt L Holmes is 51 years old. In 2008, he retired from a software career and has been writing books ever since. Leap of Faith is his fourth drawing of author MATT HOLMESnovel. He discovered early on that he enjoyed first person narration because it allowed him to get inside the head of his main character more easily. In trying to determine what style of writing he could actually produce, he eventually realized that his safest bet was to write the kinds of stories he enjoys reading. If nothing else, at least that way he’d end up with one satisfied reader! As it turns out, though, he found a growing readership who also seem to like what he writes. The focus in his work is always on character and plot, as those are the two elements that resonate the most with him when he reads. Based on the feedback he’s received since his first novel, it seems to be an approach that works for most people. For him, the highest compliment is always hearing that a reader couldn’t put the book down, and Leap of Faith  seems to be having that effect on a lot of people so far.

Mr. Holmes, author of Game Over, No Brother of Mine and Old Wounds, has crafted a wild ride that will force readers to challenge their assumptions at every turn.

About The Book

What’s the book about? Let’s cut to the chase…Learn more about  LEAP OF FAITH  written by Matt Holmes.

While waiting for the bill for her lunch, Maggie Stillwell is asked for directions by a stranger who casually mentions that he’s a time traveler. She naturally assumes he’s either joking or crazy, and doesn’t give it another thought. Later that day, however, she receives an email from someone calling himself ‘TimeTraveler355’ despite the fact that Maggie hadn’t even given the stranger her name. The unexpected email predicts five upcoming events including a political scandal, a rigged election and the bombing of a busy American mall. At the end of the email is an invitation to meet again at the same diner five days later. Maggie laughs it off as a strange prank of some sort.

But then the predictions start coming true… and Maggie slowly begins to confront the possibility that the stranger may be exactly what he claims to be. If so, however, then what is he doing in 2014 and why is he so interested in her?

Leap of Faith, the fourth novel from Matt L. Holmes, takes the reader on an amazing journey of discovery as its female protagonist attempts to come to terms with the bizarre series of events suddenly unfolding in her life. Prepare to have your mind blown by each new development in this tale of lost love and leaps of faith.

 About the cover for  LEAP OF FAITH  written by Matt Holmes

Freelance photographer, Dana Chapman, created the cover image. Matt Holmes explained the evolution of the cover image. “Dana created the above image with only minimal input from me. I suggested something involving time (such as a clock, watch or equivalent) and mentioned that the story in  Leap of Faith  revolved around time travel and uncertainty. Dana came up with the idea of using the swirling patterns of a particular plate as the background, as it suggested chaos and confusion, which perfectly fit the idea I was looking for. As soon as she sent me the “pocket watch backed by swirls” image, I knew we had our cover! She was wonderful to work with, especially considering that we lived in different cities and therefore couldn’t easily meet up in the same place to try ideas out together. Dana was willing to just take the ball and run with it, and the result was the lovely picture that adorns the front of Leap of Faith.” Chapman, the photographer, can be reached at dmchapman  @  hotmail.com   [note  remove the spaces in the email address that appears  before and after the @ sign.]