A matter is emerging, allegedly, that indicates that some people in power can censor political candidates. If this comes to pass, this is very dangerous to voters.

FOX NEWS NETWORK was bold enough to air the fist Republican debate. Thanks to Donald Trump, viewership for such a debate is reportedly the highest ever for such an event and it was one of the best viewership events for FOX.  Not only Americans were engaged, but also CANADIANS despite Canada’s national networks running their own Canadian debate in the same time slot!!

It is clear that Donald Trump is ALREADY attracting INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION, SUPPORT and KUDOS.

How refreshing to hear a potential political leader who is not losing sleep over the concept of political correctness, who knows how to lead, and who is willing to speak his mind. Despite the obvious intention of the moderators who attempted to crush and embarrass Donald Trump, he shone brilliantly. Full credit to the man. The way Donald Trump spoke reminded me that there just might be something called FREE SPEECH in America.

Free speech?!  Wait a minute!  NOT in America.

I was disappointed to learned that Donald Trump might be PROHIBITED from one of the upcoming candidate debates because one of the members of the Republican party who is sponsoring the stage event thinks that he has the right to act as censor and critic and can allegedly dis-invite, (censor!!), Donald Trump. This is also an insult to thinking Americans…if any such Americans are attending the upcoming debate.

If this alleged debate candidate censorship is indeed true, it becomes a CALL TO ACTION among the remaining candidates to stop such censorship in its tracks.  If the rest of the candidates fail to step up to oppose any such censorship at the upcoming debate they prove Donald Trump’s exact point: most politicians are political puppets bending to the whims of sponsors.

What gives anyone, even the sponsor of the stage event, any right to DIS-INVITE a political candidate just because of personal prejudices or preferences? Now, let’s see which politician has the balls to support Trump on a matter of principle in defending against such inane censorship…if it does indeed come to pass.

[Source: “Conservatives grapple with surprise Trump snub”   By David Weigel. The Washington Post,  August 8]