Are you fed up with the political system, or cable company policies, or politicians making bad decisions, or some other important issue and wish you could do something about it? You can!

It’s almost as easy as lifting just one finger. Click now.

YOU can make monumental change. Before I explain how, let me take a moment to remind you about the hidden power that rests with you and your network of friends.

Let’s start with how powerful YOU REALLY ARE. If you ask your best friend to join with you in supporting YOUR cause, and that friend asks his or her best friend, and so on, you can amass an unbelievable amount of support by way of followers or signatures in a very short time.

Just to show you how powerful YOU can be, let’s lean on research called, “6 degrees of Separation”. Did you know it is possible for you to touch, by way of an introduction, almost every human being on earth? You know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody and so on. Each human, it has been proven, has “6 Degrees of Separation” from any other human being in the world.  Imagine if you tapped into that and put THAT power to work. How hard would it be to do that?

Enlist just 5 people, for example. Ask each of them to enlist 5 of their best friends, too, and to pass that on, to have each enlistee bring on 5 more. If that process was repeated a mere 15 times, you would have about 6 billion people behind your cause. I’m just saying.

Obviously, that would be overkill and you’d never do that. But for most causes you could certainly enlist a couple of hundred or even a couple of hundred thousand! Signing petitions is one very effective tool.

One way to effect change is to start your own petition to enlist public opinion to eradicate something that you find burdensome or terribly annoying; something worthy of being placed in the spotlight and worthy of being changed. One website now makes it very easy for you to wield this kind of power.

Raise a petition at this website: Sum Of Us Community Campaigns.  But before you do, be sure to have your facts correct and be sure you know to whom you plan to direct the signed petition. Once you post your petition at this website, send a link to your best friends and all of your relatives and persuade them to sign your petition…and, of course, to get their friends and relatives to do the same.

The Sum of Us website has placed the technology into your hands with a few presses of your mouse button. Sum of Us shifts the power OUT OF THE HANDS OF POLITICIANS and CEOs  and puts the power into YOUR HANDS, quite literally.  This brilliant website gives you the power to enact change by starting, running, and delivering YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN right from the comfort of your office or living room chair.

Here are just some of the campaigns being launched by human beings who once thought they had no power to make change and are now moving giant corporations and hard-nosed politicians. These petitions originated from people just like you and me:

  • Pharmaceutical companies to publish ALL of their research results.
  • Ban plastic straws.
  • UNESCO to declare the Great Barrier Reef as endangered.
  • Grocery stores to donate stores’ quality food waste.
  • Fulfill a promise to distribute Dean Kamen’s inexpensive SLINGSHOT Brand portable, water purification system, to poverty-stricken regions to enable desperately poor people to access clean water.

A single person can make monumental changes. Ralph Nader did it. You can, too.

Ralph Nader, during a recent interview on RT tv cited a story about a senator who was asked how ordinary people can win back the power to hold politicians accountable. Nader went on to say the advice from that senator was to rent a low-cost auditorium and ensure a couple of hundred people turn up. Then advise the resistant politician to appear before the town hall meeting being held in the politician’s name. The politician won’t want to disappoint hundreds of his or her constituents.

There’ll be plenty more tips like that at an upcoming event, open to YOU, for very little cost.

Ralph Nader has organized a mind-boggling collection of impressive speakers who are there to help audience members learn how to outfox and outmuscle powerful politicians and corporations.

Many of my readers will be far too young to remember the massive changes Ralph Nader brought about in the automobile industry through the impetus of public pressure. His book can also be regarded as a moment that change the history of the automotive industry and many other industries.  “Unsafe at Any Speed” sparked a massive blaze of advocates who, once mobilized, created positive changes which resulted in an endless list of consumer, environmental and worker safety protections.

The event is happening May 23 to 26, 2016 and people just like you will attend. Learn more at their website. The event is called, “Breaking Through Power: A Historic Civic Mobilization“. The objective is to help teach people, like you,  innovative ideas, strategies, and effective ways  to break through power to secure long-overdue democratic solutions of the people and by the people. Learn more by clicking here to visit their website: Breaking Through Power: A Historic Civic Mobilization