Before you  accept that job as a $16 per hour protester,end Note 1  be sure to read the terms that apply to you from the government if you are collecting unemployment checks. Though you may get a few hours work at $16 per hour to muckrake, to “act” as a disruptor to either the Trump or Sanders rallies, you just might unwittingly disqualify yourself from collecting unemployment checks. So, be cautious about running to the nearest sign-up station to register for the nearest anti-Trump or anti-Sanders protest crowd.

And, if you do sign up because you desperately need the money…remember to consider NEGOTIATING HARD. The organizers of those anti-Trump and anti-Sanders protest gigs have barrels and barrels of money. You may be able to do much better than $15 or $16 an hour.

No matter how much more you get paid and how much you are encouraged to be all-the-more disruptive, please, NO VIOLENCE.


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