For years businesses, and those politicians with their hands in the pockets of big business, have been arguing the need for H-1-B Visas to fill “vacant jobs which require top talent not available in America”.

On February 4, 2015, COMPUTERWORLD reported an ugly side of those H-1-B Visas. In this reported instance, it is alleged that a utility is using those visas to encourage foreign workers to  REPLACE TALENTED, EDUCATED, TRAINED,  AMERICAN WORKERS.

The article alleges that a significant utility, (company), is employing 500 foreign guest workers, through the H-1B guest Visa program to REPLACE AMERICAN workers who are already successfully doing those jobs. Just to make this very clear to you. Those jobs are not vacant due to a lack of qualified workers. Instead, qualified workers are currently doing those jobs and doing them exceptionally well. Qualified workers will now be training unqualified, but lower-cost, H-1B Visa, foreign workers who are not yet experienced to do those jobs.

As if to add salt to their wounds, those same experienced, well-qualified, AMERICAN workers who currently are doing the job are being asked to train those foreign workers.

Even at the outset, this H-1B Visa program made little to no sense, to me.

The argument initially put forth is that there is a lack of qualified personnel in America. What?! We are at depression-level unemployment because politicians encouraged manufacturers to move their plants and jobs to China and because the global economy is spiralling into a major depression. There are hundreds of thousands of qualified people, experienced people, who have been displaced from work due to these major trends.  In other words, America has PLENTY of talent, just from the masses who have been kicked out of jobs,  that would love to have a job and are experienced, capable, and talented.

Further, we are at near-record highs for educated graduates, many holding multiple degrees. Degrees equivalent or better than those held by the foreign workers under the H-1B Visa program. I have met many of these graduates, both old and young, who are EAGER, talented, qualified, healthy, smart, and willing to go the extra mile to get a job. But, where are the jobs?  They went to low-wage countries.

The point is, despite the B.S. that there is insufficient talent in America, the truth is that America is brimming with readily available talent.

It’s downright ugly out there for employment opportunities and H-1B Visas are making it worse, in my opinion.