One of the strongest arguments being made by JEB BUSH, if you can call it an argument, to excuse Donald trump from the Presidential race, is that Trump was at one time a CLINTON-SUPPORTER by contributing to the Clintons’ campaigns.

Donald readily admits that as a business leader he had to act as any other business leader does, for the interests of his companies, by contributing large sums of money to win political favor. The impact of that statement was certainly under-played by the mass media and news channels. That alone should have sent reporters into a tizzy and scrambling to publish any of hundreds of stories about USA political corruption, manipulation of politicians, or political electoral processes, and so on. Maybe that news angle is just so worn out as to no longer be news?

When bush threw that “stone” at Trump, that is, when Bush accused Trump of doing something that was less than proper, he left himself open to scrutiny. In a few words, Jeb Bush ignored the age-old wisdom, “People living in glass houses should not cast stones.”

In a recent article exploring the biography of Jeb Bush, there are a number of allegations arising that will shake you in your shoes!  Mind you, it will definitely be an UNAUTHORIZED biography when you read of this and the other allegations in that article.

And now comes the allegation…”Bush served on the board of Innovita, a ponzi scheme…”  What’s even more interesting is the accusation/allegation that the person running that Ponzi scheme obtained a multi-million dollar loan, “…with the assistance of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”  That same article goes into detail about Bush being paid a rather exorbitant sum. [Source: “Jeb the Wheeler and Dealer: Roger Stone’s Astounding Allegations Against Jeb Bush”
By Roger Stone. September 25 ’15. ORA TV. ]

Maybe Bush did not contribute to the Clintons, as did Trump, but, if the allegations in that article are proved to be true, one has to wonder if he is any more squeaky clean by being paid while serving on a company that got money because of the alleged influence of the Clintons. By the way, as a member of the board of a company, it would be tough to argue that one would not know of the sources and circumstances of large infusions of money such as that which the cited article alleges.

What ever happened to democracy? It used to be something precious, special; something in which we once could take great pride. No longer.