Likely you heard about, and scoffed at, USA President Donald Trump’s commitment to, what he called, “The Space Force”?  What’s up with that?

To be able to answer that question I must take you down the proverbial “rabbit hole” of…wait for it…conspiracy theories. But first a word about conspiracy theories…

It is alleged that the CIA applied the term, “conspiracy theory”, to mock people who were getting uncomfortably close to the truth. It is far easier to manipulate editors, blogs, friends and relatives to laugh at and ridicule someone who is uncovering a truth that the CIA and other organizations and institutions want to remain hidden,  than to try to publicly debate that person.

FLYING SAUCERS.  What a laugh, huh? UFOs. Aliens from outer space?  Area 51? Enter the CIA-controlled media: “That is nothing but a conspiracy theory.”  And ever since, the military has been quietly studying ancient text of aliens having appeared when the Egyptian pyramids were being built, throughout the bible in the old testament, in artistic depictions of the 15th century and so on. You may have heard about PROJECT BLUE BOOK? If you have not, it was a military effort to study “UFO” sightings with the intention of relegating the public discussion of each into that embarrassing category of “conspiracy theories”. From that “scientific investigation” it was often determined that police, military, airplane pilots, astronomers, high-ranking politicians connected with military, and even typical citizens were all nutty. Project Blue Book insisted that many of those sightings were merely “swamp gas”[…a fart from the earth that ignited in the air?]!  After all,  the prevailing theme that was propagated, and still is, is that it’s ridiculous to think there are aliens visiting Earth after having travelled great distances and possibly even breaking the time-dimension barrier to do so. Oooops: Enter reality: CERN. Guess what they are researching at the TRILLION-DOLLAR CERN complex?

THE MOON. The media laughed at conspiracy theorists who hypothesized that there had been an alien moonbase on the dark side of the moon. Or, that some of the astronauts who landed on the moon saw some sort of buildings over the horizon on the dark side of the moon. Hilarious. Ooooops: Russia is scheduled to be the first country to build a moonbase on the dark side of the moon.  China is racing to send exploratory vehicles to…the dark side of the moon. India is interested in getting up there, too. Why all the interest on the dark side of the moon that we can not see from earth?

TELESCOPES BECOMING GIGANTIC. This has received almost no media coverage in the main sources of news. Yet, China has been building one of the world’s largest ground-based telescope, a radio telescope to pick up mind-boggling, minuscule, radio waves on very low frequencies undetectable by other antennae existing throughout the world. The USA is using advanced laser technology to make the world’s most precise viewing telescope capable of penetrating deep space with a clarity beyond what we can imagine. Why is that? Why all those billions and trillions of dollars on peering into space instead of spending all that money solving problems right here on earth?

RACE FOR MILITARY CONTROL OF SPACE.  Japan, India, China, Russia, and even wanna-bes like North Korea and Iran are aiming to elbow for positioning in space surrounding earth. Russia reportedly has an alternative to the current GPS, (global positioning systems), and it is ready to go. They just need to get more satellites into orbit before SOMEONE pulls the plug on the current GPS system by zapping the GPS satellites. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if the GPS system suddenly went dark while thousands of passenger and military jets were up in the air, or Uber drivers were trying to find an address, or, worse, if you were following GPS driving instructions to get to that new restaurant.

The race for exploring, understanding, and CONTROLLING outer space is accelerating. But, you are not being told about that from the main sources of news. President Trump and his military advisers are well aware of that.

I side 100% with President Trump’s initiative for a “Space Force”.

From a strictly historical perspective on the machinations of wars, the world has not seen a massive war the likes of WW2 for a long time. Those of us living today, most of us, that is, have no idea of the horrors of a massive, worldwide war. Have you heard of Nenner’s research? Likely not.

Nenner learned that wars, the likes of WW2, happen every 100 years, approximately. And we are due for one within the next 5 years, [It is year 2018 as I write this]. Assume for a moment that “Nenner’s cycles” are indeed, almost infallible. If a war is imminent, what would you have the USA military do about that? Sit on its hands and do nothing? Especially if potential USA military “competitors” such as Germany, Russia, China and Iran, want to control a piece of Outer Space…looking down on North America with their advanced weaponry? I’d want the USA military to do whatever is required to ensure North America is not held hostage under the barrel of a massively destructive, advanced weapon pointing down at us by some unpredictable regime controlling outer space.

It is now that the USA must strengthen its space activity and build a military force to operate in outer space, while there is still time to do so.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum” [Horace]…Translation: in times of peace, prepare for war.

There is even a bigger reason for the USA military to get its ass in gear!

Right now the USA largely control/influence the SWIFT international financial system. No country can buy or sell goods between countries unless it goes through the SWIFT system, that is mightily regulated by the USA. Germany, the country obligated to the USA since WW2 is squirming to get out from under USA influence and especially the SWIFT system by using the alternate system that is evolving from Russia. There is even talk that Germany is building, or is planning to build, its own equivalent to the SWIFT. If that happens, the USA loses almost all of its influence from its USA dollar status globally. Instead of the USA protecting its citizens from massive inflation, (rising costs of goods), it has been able to pass its inflation to other countries by “controlling” the most used reserve currency in the world and the SWIFT system. If Germany, China, or Russia replace the USA dollar as the main reserve currency in the world, America, actually all of North America, so, Canada and Mexico, too, will experience hyper-inflation the likes of which the imagination could not even conceive.  I’m talking about what we see currently happening in Venezuela: starvation, people eating pets and even old garbage to make it through just one more day.

But if some hostile controlled the militarization of outer space, we’d not have to worry much about living to see the next day.

The ONLY CHANCE to protect our lives and those of our kids and grand kids, is for President Trump to get full support for, and to succeed at, his plans for a SPACE FORCE… even if you don’t like the moniker.

In times of peace, make preparations for war! [The strategist Machiavelli also said something akin to this.]