Russia announced that it is bringing drone technology to the battlefield tank. Imagine that. Clever.

Instead of limiting remote control vehicles to airborne and reconnaissance vehicles of the sky, Russia is removing the risk to their soldiers by remotely operating TANKS on the ground. Who could have ever thought of THAT?!

My only question is, “Why hasn’t the USA thought of this and deployed drone tanks LONG AGO, if for no other reason than to sweep the roadway in front of manned vehicles in war-torn countries known to use roadway-hidden IUDs??”

In hindsight, applying drone technology to tanks and other ground vehicles seems like a no-brainer for anyone dealing with military strategy.  With all the money the USA spends on its military, why wouldn’t the USA have been the first with this innovation?  Maybe it has been and has not told its publicity arm, the mass news outlets.


For our safety sake, let’s hope the American military has not become complacent regarding the need to out-innovate POTENTIAL enemies whether in the air or on the ground. I am trusting that American military leaders are future visioning…I sure hope they are!!

In other words, let’s hope the USA military and its industrial complex is thinking of some innovations that will help position the USA military as superior to the escalating military strength of either the China or Russia, or the combined power of both. As I warned many times in my previous nuggets on this website, whatever country grows economically powerful, powerful enough to economically challenge the USA–think China ever since the USA shipped its most prodigious and most beneficial manufacturing to China– will also attempt to take over the USA’s role of global domination, hegemony, that the USA has so aggressively been pursuing since WW2. And that is no conspiracy theory. If you want to validate this, just read “THE GRAND CHESSBOARD”, which reads as if it was the USA’s blueprint for hegemony.



PHOTO taken from test ground video, March 24, 2016, airing on “Первый в истории российский боевой робот ведет огонь: эксклюзивные кадры”.