It’s NOT your fault. You can’t know or recognize that there are people sponsoring and feeding protesters for their own goals and not yours.

If these protests are not soon controlled, things are about to get really ugly right in your own backyard. I urge you to avoid becoming drawn into something that does not have your best interests, or that of your family, at the heart of it.

Unfortunately, you likely know very little about these protests, other than a few scattered images that you may have seen on TV and a few eager comments about the protests, comments that were shallow and largely superfluous, yet, entertaining to TV viewers.  Protests.  Protests purported to show pockets of people were not happy with the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of America.

Beware, there is much more than meets the eye, and much more than what is being told to you.

Until you understand how these events are being carefully orchestrated, you are susceptible to the shallow reporting you see on the news entertainment channels or read in the press, that, unfortunately is becoming more shallow in their reporting with each passing day as they lay off their investigative reporters and shape events into entertainment rather than reporting news in depth. The danger arises when anemic news reports, and in this matter, in particular, highlights of protest events, make viewers think there is some kind of “movement”.  When those “news” channels present their opinions, without clearly defining them as merely an opinion, rather than presenting the facts, viewers thoughts and opinions can be based on dangerous misunderstandings. Don’t let yourself be misled and misinformed by those who have the power to shape your thoughts.

Before you assume that these protests are of any significance, and especially, before you or your friends decide to join the “movement”, apply some common sense.

Common sense tells us that beneath each of these protests there must be sources of money, sponsors, goals, and people encouraging and feeding the energy that these events need in order to become noteworthy. Ask yourself and especially ask “reporters”, “Who pays for the entourage of buses that show up from which pour hundreds of protesters?”  “Where do those buses come from?”  “Who feeds these masses of people, many who have likely had their first meal in days while on the bus itself?”   “Who pays these people?”  “Who is running the ads soliciting the “actors” they need and how much do they pay?”  [It is no secret that people have been hired to act in disruptive ways…it’s been captured by the press and documented.]

The real question to you, “Are you accepting those news reports at face value?”  If so, don’t.  Just because the news media is not investigating the mechanisms that create these protests, doesn’t mean you ought to remain gullible and accept them at face value. Reality is much different than what you see on TV.  There is much more behind and underlying each of these protests. As a starter, you must know, or at least suspect that, participants are not spontaneous and that they are being used for purposes other than what they imagine for themselves.

I find it an unacceptable “coincidence” that these protests emerged “spontaneously” following Secretary Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. Yet no reporters are digging into this coincidence. No one is asking about who is energizing these protests in the wake of that speech. You can bet that these protests are being well-supported and sponsored. But, by whom? [I don’t have the answers, just some of the questions we need to ask.]

If these sponsors have their way, and they will if you don’t quickly educate yourself in this matter, America will experience what it is like to suffer the pains that we have witnessed in other countries. For decades we watched from a distance, from the comfort of our living rooms, while other countries literally went up in flames from what started as a few pockets of protests but were cleverly organized and grew into massive tornadoes of protests. The thought has never occurred to us that those tornadoes of protests were purposefully GROWN by a handful of sponsors who wanted to overthrow governments for reasons far from the will of the people. Those sponsors were and remain experts at manipulating the energy of the masses. See End Note 1

Now, these protests are no longer in some far-away nation. They are here on American soil and carry the threat of becoming so disruptive in a short period of time as to be like F-5 tornadoes. That is not a good thing!

There is no innocence to these protests claiming to be a display of the popular vote in support of Clinton. There is NO SPONTANEITY associated to any of these protests. They have been well-crafted and are well-financed by whoever it is who has the power and the money to be able to direct such events, and whoever has decades of experience in convincing people to rally to a cause of their, not your, choosing. There is nothing voluntary about this, certainly not at the beginning. It is crafted by people with experience to do so. Everything is carefully selected, carefully designed to hook gullible people to false causes, their causes, not that of the people.

Such movements begin with symbols which are carefully chosen. Memes are carefully engineered and scientifically disseminated through traditional media and even through much of the alternative media. Information is carefully controlled and modified to fit the theme and ensure a successful strategic outcome of THEIR CAUSE. When it works, it works and succeeds for the sponsors, never for the population they enlisted to make the transitions happen. The outcomes leave destruction in its wake.

In every case, EVERY CASE, people have lost their lives, societies imploded, and nations turned to dust, because of these hidden sponsors promoting protests, turned into tornadoes of revolutions, to suit their own causes. In the wake of this disruption what arises is chaos, anarchy, and the polar opposite to what the people thought they were protesting. NOTHING good comes from such sponsored protests, especially if the sponsors succeed at growing protests into tornadoes of revolutions to create changes those sponsors want, instead of changes to meet the will of the people.

It is noteworthy that EVERY destructive revolution began first with a symbol, followed by an early group of hand-picked protesters who, much like any other pyramid-selling scheme, were made rich by being the first to start the scheme. Like pyramid selling, it’s only the sponsors and the people at the top who benefit.

Today’s protests are being labelled by the very colour worn by the Clintons during Hillary’s concession speech: the color PURPLE.See End Note 2   The “message” from those who crafted Clinton’s speeches, is that the colour purple was being worn to express the Democrats’ wish for harmony. That if you blend red and blue on a colour pallet you create purple. Why would we believe that to be the message from people who have been proven to have so many word tricks, so many deceptions,  and who have almost literally spat in the faces of people who admired them?  Yet, this meme has just enough feasibility to it that it can easily sway the gullible after being fed to the traditional press, and, from there, the social media.  It sounds so “right” and it fits well with our wish for harmony, enough that it makes us want to drop our guard and merely accept it at face value. 

We are likely to hear much more about the “Purple Protests” or the “Purple Revolution” as it grows more powerful, but only if the people of America leave it to grow unchecked.

One more point needs to  be elucidated. If the Clintons truly wanted to bring a nation together, they’d have enough class to step forward, now, and repeatedly, until these protests die out completely, to ask for calm. They’d be making frequent appearances to ask everyone to abandon their protests. After all, it was Clinton herself who mocked Trump for hesitating to commit to accepting the outcome of the elections and for accusing the elections of being rigged. Thankfully, the pervasiveness of electronic handhelds documented a monumental number of alleged voting irregularities, including quite a number alleged to be illegal,  which favored Clinton. Irregularities that likely can prove Clinton did NOT win the popular vote but was dragged across the finishing line by unethical means. People like you and me call that cheating.

What we must deal with, now, even without the support of the Clintons repeatedly asking for calm and adherence to the American system of democracy, is the mindless anger being fueled and corralled into tornadoes of protest that can swirl out of control and become destructive to the nation. These pockets of protest that I choose to label TORNADOES are not new phenomena.

These tornadoes of protest have been an instrument of war among nations and have been spun into the equivalent of F-5 tornadoes in other countries to disrupt governments over there. Their sponsors have lots of experience.

If these protests are encouraged here, in the wake of the American election, we can expect the end game to be costly to everyone. One thing is certain. Those sponsors of the current protests, don’t care about our well being, not mine and not yours nor your family’s. They have their agenda and gullible protesters are their tools.

The brains that have fed protests in other nations, have developed efficient, effective, chillingly rapid techniques to fuel those protests into tornadoes. These tornadoes start with a few well-chosen protestors, paid very well, treated very well. The early ones are given a cause after being cleverly selected for their willingness to be made famous. Stated another way: only the compliant need apply early. Then comes a carefully selected symbol, something highly visible at a distance and able to be linked to a cause.  Throughout recent history, often a colour is chosen as a main component of that symbol.  A look back in recent history, (see the list below), shows us what a powerful role COLOUR plays in revolutions that have started with a few protests and grew to devastate nations.

The Clintons, whether knowingly or unwittingly, provided just such a symbol when they stepped on stage with lapels and ties colored PURPLE.

The PURPLE [TORNADO] PROTESTS have begun in America. I beg you to REFUSE TO BE PART OF IT.

The people who started the protests are well-organized, well-financed, well-experienced, well-trained, and highly compensated for their efforts. They are NOT of the common people and they are NOT the voice of the people. They do not have your interests at heart. Their experience comes from decades of crushing governments in other countries and they use “we the people” as their tools. Be smarter than them. Just refuse to be part of it.

Here, is a list of just some of those revolutions dubbed “colour revolutions”, See End Note 3  for which colour has great symbolism in each case.

  1. Yellow Revolution- Philippines-1986
  2. Velvet Revolution- Czechoslovakia-1989
  3. Tulip Revolution- Kyrgyzstan-2005
  4. Saffron Revolution- Myanmar-2007
  5. Rose Revolution- Georgia-2003
  6. Purple Revolution- Iraq-2005
  7. Orange Revolution- Ukraine-2004
  8. Lotus Revolution- Egypt-2011
  9. Jeans Revolution- Belarus-2006
  10. Jasmine Revolution- Tunisia-2010
  11. Jasmine Revolution- China-2011
  12. Green Revolution- Iran-2009
  13. Grape Revolution- Moldova-2009
  14. Colorful Revolution- Macedonia-2016
  15. Cedar Revolution- Lebanon-2005
  16. Carnation Revolution- Portugal-1974
  17. Bulldozer Revolution- Yugoslavia-2000
  18. Blue Revolution- Kuwait-2005

Let’s not add to this list the “Purple American Revolution”.


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