Reuters announced that WISCONSON became the 25th state to pass “Right To Work” legislation. What is it? It is “Union-Busting Legislation”. Though states are fighting among themselves to retain the few remaining good-paying jobs, we should care more about how to bring back the MILLIONS of great-paying jobs that left America and went to China.

States are passing this “Right to Work” legislation in a mere attempt to survive the ongoing gutting of jobs in America. Their hearts are in the right place, ie., protecting jobs for their constituents. It’s much like the last gasp for air. Even if all states pass similar legislation, and they must level the playing field, great-paying jobs will continue to race to lower-cost overseas locations because of preferential trade agreements.

The real question is not, how one state steals jobs from nearby states? Rather, how can ALL STATES bring more jobs back to the USA?  It CAN BE DONE by negotiating and leveraging the power of the American consumer. America is the only country powerful enough and progressive enough to be able to use its consumer market as a negotiating tool to make manufacturers do its bidding.

Millions of jobs left the USA because of  the preferential trade agreement with China that made it less costly and ENCOURAGED businesses to relocate to, and make products in, China.  Terminate that agreement.

The implementation of the TPP agreement will do more of the same but with countries currently at a lower cost than that of China. Terminate that agreement, too.

There is only one way to bring jobs back to America and thereby to rebuild America: impose tough TRADE BARRIERS. This may not sound politically correct and it may sound anti-establishment, but it has proven to be effective with other countries in the past. Trade barriers have succeeded in building the economies of countries that had the courage to impose such barriers. The USA has the courage but needs only the will of the people.

Politicians must be forced to work for the interests of Americans and not singularly for the interest of corporations which put them into power. TAKE DOWN all  PREFERENTIAL TRADE AGREEMENTS. In its place IMPOSE TOUGH TRADE BARRIERS that will force companies to make products within the USA if they want to prosper from the huge market created by the American consumer.

The new slogan for America ought to be: “Rebuild America: by  BUILDING  IN  AMERICA … AGAIN!”