Recently the media tried to embarrass Donald Trump when Trump publicly warned that he believes the USA is about to face a massive recession. CNN, in particular, aired an economist who went for the Trump jugular by firmly stating, “He is not an economist.”

The implication is that only an economist can predict the future. But economists often forget that, like any other human being, they are not able to predict the future. When they attempt to do so, they have terrible results. Economists are data readers, not forecasters. They can only read trends and make guesses.  Just like Trump did.

The chart, airing on many of the websites, is from a very credible business source. And, YES it does support Donald Trump’s contention that America is headed for a very deep, massive recession…very SOON.

Once you look at the chart below you will easily be able to see the strong correlation to recessions, (the grey vertical columns),  that follows the various peaks.

If FACTS were big guns, then the big guns are now pointing at some of the mass media companies for being careless, judgmental, and trying too hard to embarrass Trump’s comment that there is an impending recession.

Why has CNN not repeatedly shown you this chart along with credible commentary to help warn and prepare you for what’s to come?

See for yourself…