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Women Rule

As a male, I’ve always known there was something special about women. Recent comments by a mass behavioral expert confirms my suspicion. Since 2010, according to Howard Bloom, 22 million American young adults are living with their parents. Why?  Bloom suggests, “Due to money and men. Average USA houshold income has declined since 1999 so there is no longer sufficient money to move out of the parent’s home. The other money related issue is student debt in America which now averages $27,000 average upon graduation. In 2010:–the majority of workers were women–majority of managers are women–women getting 50% more...

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One chunk of wisdom I offer to potential job seekers is this: “Create a ‘PUBlog’ for yourself.” What’s a “Publog”?  It’s a blog with careful thought to promoting your accomplishments, talents, interests, or anything that would be well received by a future recruiter/reader. Since it is your blog, you can skillfully work into some of your posts some PUBLICITY about yourself. Do so skillfully to avoid turning off your mainstream, regular readership. With some careful thought you can turn your blog into a “PUBlog”—publicity + blog—and thereby make it perform double duty as showpiece for your accomplishments while showcasing...

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Noses on Grindstones: Pain

When you put your nose to the grindstone, …you grind your nose. Will nose grinding increase your job security? No. Will corporations prefer nose grinders during periods of downsizing? Not necessarily.  So what good is nose grinding? Well, for one thing, it does help to keep you competitive for your particular job. For another, you will have more pleasant job appraisal meetings. For another, it may help to position your for promotions. But it will not guarantee or improve your job security if your job, and by extension, you, too, have been declared redundant before you have implemented the action...

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FUTURE Jobs–What’s hot or not.

Are you planning to look for a job? Are you wondering if your job is secure for the foreseeable future? If so, this “nugget” may help answer some of your questions. Let’s start by reminding you that everything in life is accelerating. Jobs that once lasted through decades as businesses slowly grew to critical mass and then to life-ending business phase of the grow-decline cycles, now last at most one decade, if that. The computer has caused everything from internet to job lifespans to speed up. We live in a faster world. Get the message? If you think your job...

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Job Seeking? Follow Multiplier

Now that our politicians and corporate leaders have paused to catch their breath from racing to oursource North American jobs to China, India and other low-wage countries, it is time once again to take stock of what jobs are left and how you can compete to get a piece of that action. Frankly, it is getting tougher by the day. On the horizon is the TPP and that is definitely not going to help any of us. (Enter TPP in our search engine to learn more.) What is interesting though is the higher multiplier effect that comes from high-tech...

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Lots of Resumes but No Interviews

We are often asked why it is so hard to land an interview, let alone a new job. It is especially frustrating to young job-seeker, recent graduates, when talking to Boomers and they learn how different the job market was in the good old days when boomers were looking for their first and only lifetime job.  Today is so-o-o-o different in the job marketplace. Today, young job applicants, and older ones, too!, feel frustrated because they must pump out literally hundreds of resumes and still don’t get invited to interviews, not even a nibble. So we often here, “Why aren’t job seekers being invited to interviews? There...

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Our economy today is in a state of depression. Companies continue to cut costs by laying off workers. Likely you already experience a great deal of job anxiety thanks to: our current economic depression;  outsourcing;  part-time employment agencies;  competition; rising costs of raw materials and health care; geo-politics; corporate spin-offs, and many other factors. There is more bad news ahead. Jobs will continue to leave America for China; the new partners of the secretive TPP; and Mexico. The remainder of corporate jobs in America will be reserved for the “cream of the crop”. To possibly survive a downsizing you must have already positioned yourself among the highest-value...

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Buyer Behavior…Today

Are you an old-school or new-age marketer? Do you still depend on massive advertising budgets to create awareness of the products and services under your management or do you know how to properly use the internet to achieve your awareness and sales forecast goals? Do you know what influences people to buy your product or service and how that is really done in today’s internet world or have you been largely guessing, knowing the internet is somehow important…but not quite sure how. Now you can have the answers. Authors,  Itmar Simonson and Emanuel Rose, will teach you how to harness the...

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Monkeys Can Win Against Gorillas

Are you struggling to compete in an ever-aggressive marketplace? For this nugget, think of your competitors along the lines described by Geoffrey A. Moore who defined competitors as “Gorillas”, “Chimpanzees”, and “Monkeys”. By attributing personalities to competitors, Moore created a beautiful framework in which we can better understand how to compete. Think of a “gorilla” as those very successful, big-box companies, like WALMART, or, in technology, MICROSOFT for computer software and APPLE for handhelds.  These companies are the ones that establish the standards, make the rules of the marketplace, and shape customer expectations. Gorillas tend to be big, powerful,...

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Profile PHOTO Smoking-HOT or Dud?!

Your profile photo should meet minimum standards. Many of the hundreds of photos I studied are horror stories on steroids. However, there are some, like the ones displayed below, which are magnificent and meet all the professional rules of a great profile photo.  If your profile photo does not measure up, then you are creating a competitive disadvantage for yourself when recruiters, customers, or talent scouts come to visit your profile. So, pay attention. I provide a checklist of “Don’ts”.  And, below you will see some great examples of the “Dos”. Did you know a shoddy photo tells the viewer that you have no clue about who your competition...

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New World Order–Pareto FLIPS

How damaging can it be to your career, life, family, income, investments, savings, and retirement plans, when the Pareto economic relationship suddenly flips and becomes the near-reverse of what exists in your world today?  Very.  Your life and that of your children is about to change…”big time!” It is time to pay attention and to make appropriate preparations… Pareto discovered that 80% of the world’s wealth resides in less than 20% of the world’s countries. Today, that “20%”, though not exactly “20%”, is signified by America and the other G8 countries. In other words, wealth, since World War One,  has favored the countries...

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Metanoic Teams = SUPERIOR Results.

Business owners often ask, “What makes for a great team and work environment?” Certainly the standard management concepts: alignment, qualified people, clear goals, focus, etc. All of these, and more, are necessary ingredients to making a company successful and great if you are managing small or very large companies. But if you want to succeed far beyond what is possible by applying broad managerial concepts to your company, then seek out or create METANOIC TEAMS. Not all teams can become metanoic. Therefore, in a company with thousands of employees you may be able to establish the presence of a handful of metanoic teams....

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Are YOU a LinkedIn Clutz?

I sometimes work with job seekers to apply my writing skills, creativity, people-management, promotion, and resume writing experience.  One of the steps in my thorough assessment process is a critique of their LinkedIn profile. Most I’ve seen are barely passable. None meet my criteria of letting the reader experience who you are. I’m told, “Do everything else, but don’t touch my LinkedIn profile.” Too bad. But I respect their wishes and work to accomplish our miracle with the other aspects of their documentation. Yet, I continue to be puzzled at the fact that people, business executives included, just “don’t get...

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IMO-Investing in Managerial EGO

What’s IMO, (Investing in Managerial Ego)?  Peter Drucker explains the concept: “…make sure [development products] do not turn into the worst of all product categories: investments in managerial ego” [MANAGING FOR RESULTS, by Peter F. Drucker. Harper & Row. p. 55. 1964.] This bit of wisdom comes from the world’s foremost management consultant. Ignore it at your own peril. Where Drucker refers to “development products”, I’ve discovered during my work with my pro-bono clients that investment into managerial ego, (IMO), is not limited to development products.  It extends to almost everything where the manager, the business owner, keeps pushing a “dead horse”.  This...

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What’s a Business Model?

A business model is a combination of  FOUR VERY IMPORTANT ELEMENTS and each of these absolutely, positively, must be clearly articulated: CVP, (Compelling Value Proposition) Precisely defined target market–relying upon your safety margin for your calculations Primary, secondary, and tertiary,  communications programs through which you will inform #2 about  #1 Vehicle, (method or location), to deliver #1 to #2. [Use the search engine on our website to locate articles on any of these topics.] It all starts with your CVP, (Compelling Value Proposition).  Be sure to read our suggestions pertaining to the CVP. These four elements constitute your “success plan”. ...

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