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Resume DOWNERS: hide, ignore, lie?

G asked: “I was fired. Should I put this in my resume?” Short answer: yes. But this can be complicated. So, read further… Show me a perfect human being and I’ll show you a newborn. If you have grown into adulthood, then your childhood and teen years should have been a staging ground for all manner of mistakes and errors in judgement. A time to learn what not to do. A time to discover boundaries and how to meld into a civilization. We all are ashamed of something in our past, maybe a few things, maybe these events happened...

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I have been warning my readers to do everything in their power to keep their jobs, and if graduating or planning to begin a job search, to start job hunting as early as possible…and to trim back expenses and living costs. ZEROHEDGE.COM did an excellent job of explaining why Hewlett Packard is CUTTING ANOTHER 16,000 jobs. Take a minute to read it… [Source: This Is Why Hewlett Packard Just Announced Another 16,000 Job Cuts”, by Tyler Durden. May 22, 2014.]   This is not the only company wrestling with its “Cap Ex” issues. If you think that is worrisome…up in...

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Yellow Brick Road to Awesome Jobs

Job hunting is tough. More difficult today than at any other time since the last depression.  The job hunting roads are dusty, dirty, muddy, and the day is overcast on the best days. But sometimes a reality can be reshaped to make it your reality if you apply vision, creativity and a bit of gumption. Here’s another idea to add to your job-searching techniques: company “News” web pages. Befor we get to company news pages…I want to remind you I have yet to hear of a magical “bullet” to landing a new job. Nobody has written to tell me...

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Will YOU Soon Be Scrapped, Also?

Back in the 1980’s, it was identified that there was 33% more cars being manufactured, globally, than the demand ever called for. Back then, hundreds of thousands of cars were let to rust or being dumped into the ocean. Since then, industrial production has become more efficient, computerization and robotics allowed companies to make more, faster, in order to achieve “economies of scale” in manufacturing. Like any other good equation, when only one part is adjusted for efficiency but it doesn’t balance with the entire, wholistic equation, the entire stream of economics get distorted and can be trashed. Here is just one photo of one car lot, from among many THOUSANDS, of car lots around the world, filled with cars with no place to go. No demand. What’s worrisome about this is that cars are being made to keep up manufacturing efficiency only.  Sooner or later, this part of the equation will have to be adjusted down to stop the huge waste of raw materials, and valuable land for parking the unwanted vehicles. If manufacturing costs must be taken down further, as it will, those of you working in the automotive manufacturing sector better be on your tip toes and be looking for warning signs in the months ahead. Want to visually see just how great the current economic upturn is?  Just take a look at how the cars...

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Want a job or PROMOTION? Slim Down

In the massive media today, the news is all about unemployed people getting fatter. I argue it is not unemployment making people fatter…it is depression that comes from a government having shipped great paying jobs to overseas preferential trading partners. That aside, being fat, being “obese”, can hurt you in more ways than just your health. It can hurt you when seeking a job or seeking a promotion. One of the first studies done to investigate prejudice, (bias), against fat people, in the workplace, was done back in 2012. It found, “…a pronounced stigmatization of obese individuals, especially of women,...

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5 Elements To a Killer Resume.

“K”, name withheld by request, asks, “What are the most important elements to include in my resume? I have plenty of experience but have recently been declared redundant. So, in a very real way, I am many years out of the job search marketplace and can use some help.” I strongly urge anyone who approaches me on these topics to have the following in their resumes: a “CVP”, (compelling value proposition) written in an introductory paragraph titled, “Executive Summary”. I believe a number of recruiters will connect with the notion of a short “elevator speech” presented as an “Executive...

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RESUMES–Optical Eye then Human Eye

A colleague who was recently terminated, (declared “redundant”), contacted me for some tips on preparing a resume. Our discussion got bogged down when it came to how to format the resume. I explained that it is necessary, these days, to appeal to the eye of the computer first, then to the eye of the recruiter. That both of these requirements must be met. Because of the huge volume of people looking for jobs, and competing aggressively for the few jobs out there, corporations are faced with stacks and stacks of emails and documents each vying for attention and trying...

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11 Reasons to HOLD YOUR JOB

If you can do so, hold onto your job until you can safely, conveniently, make a transition to a better paying job, if you can find a better paying job out there.  Before doing anything rash, put yourself in touch with the job marketplace. Here are just some of the “conversational” facts you should be aware of. Almost 100 million Americans are out of the labor force.  Did you get this? Approximately 1 in 3 Americans are NO LONGER LOOKING FOR JOBS. Why is that? And, no, they are not all baby boomers retiring. YES there is a recession...

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LEAP OF FAITH.  This exciting work caught my attention largely because of a number of events and coincidences that have occurred in my own life, which made me wonder how other people would have reacted to what I experienced. Would other people have reacted or acted differently? Would other people have seen something sooner than I did that could have resulted in different outcomes than what I experienced?  I bet you have the same question, too. Whether it is yourself, or people you have met, you most likely experienced that “thing” we call a hunch, intuition, even a prophecy, which uncannily comes to pass, that...

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Who you know is certainly one of the secrets to getting ahead within a medium-sized business, but especially so at a large corporation. Just as important, who knows YOU. Certainly you can get around and glad hand and say hello to everybody, but that just isn’t enough. The powers that be, the managers who make the decisions about who to hire, fire, and to promote are the ones who need to know you. They, too, can never get around to everyone in the company so they expect a bit of initiative from employees to help by making some effort to...

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Women Rule

As a male, I’ve always known there was something special about women. Recent comments by a mass behavioral expert confirms my suspicion. Since 2010, according to Howard Bloom, 22 million American young adults are living with their parents. Why?  Bloom suggests, “Due to money and men. Average USA houshold income has declined since 1999 so there is no longer sufficient money to move out of the parent’s home. The other money related issue is student debt in America which now averages $27,000 average upon graduation. In 2010:–the majority of workers were women–majority of managers are women–women getting 50% more...

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One chunk of wisdom I offer to potential job seekers is this: “Create a ‘PUBlog’ for yourself.” What’s a “Publog”?  It’s a blog with careful thought to promoting your accomplishments, talents, interests, or anything that would be well received by a future recruiter/reader. Since it is your blog, you can skillfully work into some of your posts some PUBLICITY about yourself. Do so skillfully to avoid turning off your mainstream, regular readership. With some careful thought you can turn your blog into a “PUBlog”—publicity + blog—and thereby make it perform double duty as showpiece for your accomplishments while showcasing...

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Noses on Grindstones: Pain

When you put your nose to the grindstone, …you grind your nose. Will nose grinding increase your job security? No. Will corporations prefer nose grinders during periods of downsizing? Not necessarily.  So what good is nose grinding? Well, for one thing, it does help to keep you competitive for your particular job. For another, you will have more pleasant job appraisal meetings. For another, it may help to position your for promotions. But it will not guarantee or improve your job security if your job, and by extension, you, too, have been declared redundant before you have implemented the action...

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FUTURE Jobs–What’s hot or not.

Are you planning to look for a job? Are you wondering if your job is secure for the foreseeable future? If so, this “nugget” may help answer some of your questions. Let’s start by reminding you that everything in life is accelerating. Jobs that once lasted through decades as businesses slowly grew to critical mass and then to life-ending business phase of the grow-decline cycles, now last at most one decade, if that. The computer has caused everything from internet to job lifespans to speed up. We live in a faster world. Get the message? If you think your job...

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Job Seeking? Follow Multiplier

Now that our politicians and corporate leaders have paused to catch their breath from racing to oursource North American jobs to China, India and other low-wage countries, it is time once again to take stock of what jobs are left and how you can compete to get a piece of that action. Frankly, it is getting tougher by the day. On the horizon is the TPP and that is definitely not going to help any of us. (Enter TPP in our search engine to learn more.) What is interesting though is the higher multiplier effect that comes from high-tech...

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