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Are YOU Good Cholesterol or Bad, at Work?

No question it is important to do what you were hired to do. In theory, everybody should be doing that. So how do you rise above the crowd to get noticed and rewarded? How do you get those promotions? How do you become a shining star? Granted, the list of what to do can be rather long. (Do a search of this website for other articles on becoming a more valuable employee.) Most people are happy to receive a list of WHAT to do. Today, I want to direct your attention to one of the “HOW” factors that exceptional...

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When making a long-term investment–money, job selection, career choices, time, effort, education, career, geographic location, you name it– it is important to have an idea of the future landscape that will affect the outcome of that investment. Everyone has 20:20 vision AFTER a decision is made. “For hindsight, nobody needs to wear glasses.” (author unknown) When it comes to investing for the long term, know your facts. These days it is difficult to know your facts when the media provides such distortions to smooth over bad news to help various candidates get elected every couple of years. It is...

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Retail SUCCESS STORY: PAUL the Photo Store Owner

What can small-, and medium-sized businesses learn from MY life experience in photography from the early days as a child? Lots. So, pay attention. As a kid, I used to love everything to do about sciences–still do. I received a starter photography set as a gift when I was about 10 years old. Back in those days, chemicals, mixing, temperture control, and a completely blackened (“darkroom”) were required to take images from a camera and turn them into prints. When I needed to replace my chemicals, trays developing tanks, and other accessories,  I went to a store that catered to professionals,...

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Getting Promoted (or a JOB)…Rapidly

As an excuse for failing at the competition for jobs, many candidates invent all manner of conspiracy theories or excuses in place of improving their understanding of the hiring and selection process. Don’t let that be you. Though confusing from the outside looking in, there is an underlying logic that when understood better can also better your outcomes. Learn to work the system to succeed. Here are some tactics that may help. TACTIC ONE: Yes, the most important tactic! Don’t remain a stranger. Landing that job requires a certain amount of “in-your-face” stick-to-itness. This applies at all stages of the application,...

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Are you BORN to FAIL?

The short answer?  “NOPE”. You were born to succeed. Let’s take a look at the dynamics of failing and succeeding. Here’s a checklist to help you to recognize the failure-drivers often motivating people’s actions. At the top of my list is belief in non-success. Not quite the same as a belief in failure. Subtle distinction.  If a person believes in the possibility of succeeding then experimentation, trial and error are continuous until success is achieved or until all possibilities, ALL possibilities are exhausted and there is no other avenue of pursuit possible. Do you believe that you can succeed in your particular objective? Next comes operating within a comfort zone. If success requires trying something new, or exploring something more difficult than anticipated, more challenging or even embarrassing, often many people consider all avenues to have been exhausted and they throw in the towel with the cover story that, “If I can’t do it, it just can’t be done.” Too many people do the wrong actions, focus on the wrong elements, instead of identifying and then isolating what in business is called the “Key Success Factors”, (KSFs). Hundreds of years ago an economist name Pareto observed that the about 80% of the world’s wealth was in the hands of just about 20% of the world’s countries. Thus the “Pareto” principle was born and subsequently applied to all manner of lists, including isolating the...

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Recruiting AGENCY–Disruptive Innovator

It happens almost every day in high technology.  A disruptive technology turns a marketplace onto its head and creates buzz and excitement for the consumers of that technology. 3M did it. Apple did it. I’m sure you can think of many companies that have done it. Well…what if a company did that in the job recruiting marketplace. They’d be heros. right?!  A company is doing just that. In the world of competition, it is the innovation that improves the business model, or product itself, that attracts a great deal of attention.  Such (positive) disruptive innovations are not mere product or service...

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How WEALTHY Become / Stay Wealthy

The wealthy know how to pass their wealth from generation to generation. Each generation is taught very valuable wealth-growing and wealth-protecting lessons. Here are SEVEN of those WELATH-BUILDING lessons used by the old-rich–those WEALTHY people who inherit and pass their family wealth down through generations. –They DIVERSIFY in the traditional sense, seldom in the conventional sense. We have recently come to define diversification as spreading common stocks across multiple sectors. This technique applies only in a small part to the wealthy.  Instead, they ensure their wealth is in different vehicles, different institutions, different “formfactors”–some physical precious metals, debt-free property in various localities, loans on which they collect interest, and so on.  The length to which they practice true diversification is as lengthy and as innovative as their history of wealth. –They are ACUTELY TUNED TO GEO-POLITICS beyond that reported in our  mass media. Often they use family, friends and others in their network, their “connections”,  to learn of news and to help them to clarify and interpret the “real” information out there. –They are DEBT FREE, or, where they do have debt, it is used merely for leveraged investments that can be quickly liquidated in an emergency. –They UNDERSTAND INVESTMENT CONCEPTS. When investing, they read the fine print and work at understanding all the nuances involved in that investment. –They understand the “PERSONALITY” and “TEMPERMENT” of the investment vehicle. They understand what...

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8-CRITICAL Points for your RESUME

In a recent LINKEDIN post “presented by XEROX”, the point is strongly made that the typical resume is dull, dry, and fails miserably to appeal to the human reader. While providing endless lists of day-to-day duties these typical resumes fail to explain what the applicant accomplished on his or her various jobs. The human reader wants to know “…what’s in his or her wake…” When I offer advice to people who approach me for resume and job interviewing training, I often stress the fact that there is an essential difference between an OCR screening of the resume and that of...

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No Photo? Why the Profile Mystery?

Okay. Let’s see if I understand this correctly? The majority of LinkedIn profiles feature photos, but your profile doesn’t? All your connections know who you are and what you look like, but you are hiding your photo anyways? We have almost no online privacy anymore, but you want to keep your photo private anyways? Here’s some questions that missing photos MIGHT generate in the minds of the vast audience that uses LinkedIn almost every day: Too ugly to feature a photo? Hiding from the cops, NSA, FBI, RCMP or some regulatory body? Too lazy to add or upload a photo?...

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POWER WORDS for your Resume

Remind yourself that you have one resume that must work two ways: be scanable by optical character recognition readers AND must appeal to the human reviewer. For the human, after reading hundreds of resumes, it does get rather tiresome. Keep that in mind when writing your own resume. Here are a few “POWER” words which are not yet overused to help add a bit of spice to your resume for that human reader: Curious Authentic Empowered Tenacity or Tenacious Tireless, Boundless Energetic, Energized Inspired, Visionary, Creative, Innovative Enthusiastic Dedicated, Focused,...

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Job Search: Should You Use LinkedIn?

I’ve often been asked if job seekers should bother to upload their information to LinkedIn and use LinkedIn. The short answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. If you are looking for a job, certainly you must be on job boards like MONSTER. Don’t overlook LINKEDIN. LinkedIn is a valuable job-searching tool, too. If you are NOT looking for a job, and are nice and cozy in your current job, LinkedIn still has the advantage of making your profile visible to some other employer who may be looking for a person of your qualifications. Yes…some company may be looking for you! If...

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Be DISCOVERABLE By Hiring Companies

Make LINKEDIN Work HARDER for you.  It continues to amaze me that intelligent, professional people, even some of those in the marketing field, fail to maximize the potential and the power of LinkedIn. Imagine what some hiring managers are thinking when they see some profiles. “Why is this guy not showing his face? Is he trying to hide from the NSA?” Well, maybe that specific thought doesn’t come to mind, but I am being dramatic for a reason. For example, whatever rationale you may have for not providing a photo, throw that rationale out the window. The majority of LinkedIn...

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Follow the Money: Upcoming GREAT Jobs

As you know, I read extensively so my readers won’t have to. One of the areas I pay attention to is the job front, looking for tips to provide to my readers to help with everything about the job search from resumes to handling interviews. In all of my work, I keep my eyes peeled for trends that indicate possible good jobs in the future. Here is a list of such trends based on the amount of press coverage these industries and areas of research seem to be getting, (in no particular ranking): Robotics Drones Material Sciences Computer design and chip...

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17 Ways To Serve Technology–Jobs Tomorrow

I’ve written a number of “nuggets” about preparing yourself, and especially your children and grandchildren, for the new workplace that is rapidly approaching. Read my nugget titled, “Great FUTURE Jobs? People Serving Machines”. This generated a number of questions about “How?”  I have been blessed during my career to have worked with and managed some very powerful teams of people with brilliant minds. Together we reshaped a number of technologies and developed innovations. Some of what follows comes from my direct experiences and some from additional readings and research. I hope it provides plenty of ideas for you…remember…if you...

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Secure Job Future–Implement A Plan NOW!!

The job marketplace is in convulsions. Big companies are downsizing. Small companies are tossing in the towel. Outsourcing is still the way of the MBA graduate installed as the new department manager. Corporations continue to have high interest in “inversions” which suggests more lay offs are coming as those companies fulfill inversion objectives and then are forced to re-size from the integration. So what does an employed person do? Step one is to assess your skill sets to determine what you have and what you don’t have. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Certainly read my post...

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