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You READY for the NEXT JOBS? How About Your Kids?

So, the TRUMP effect is succeeding and encouraging major corporations to come streaming back into America to rebuild plants and to recommit to employment. Problem of unemployment solved. Right?  WRONG. To compete in the global marketplace, companies will have to continue to outsource to places were labor is cheapest, environmental laws and other regulations the most lax. When that option is exhausted as a cost-control measure, big companies will turn to robotics and other means of automation. After all, robots don’t have unions. Robots never ask for a pay raise. Robots can work without coffee and lunch breaks. Robots can work...

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Your Skill Nobody Wants! Your Ability to “No-It-All!” Better Than Others.

This is going to be a short, easy-to-read Nugget. Our nation is far too negative. It is filled with far too many negative thinkers. We must do more to teach each other how to be much more positive and to welcome ideas and to learn to encourage ideas to help accelerate and help adopt ideas quicker. This Nugget will suggest 3 very important, helpful books that you should read…Scratch that. Not “read”. Rather, “STUDY”. Below you will find my suggestion for 3 of the most powerful books imaginable that can teach you and especially your children, how to think POSITIVELY....

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WHO Are YOU, Anyways? How Other People Define Who You are.

Age-old widsom echoed through the works of motivational experts such as Norman Vincent Peal, James Allen, Napoleon Hill, and more recently, Tony Robbins, teaches us that who we spend our time with, and the thoughts we keep, determines who we are as a person and who we become. Let this sink in: You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  The same is true for ideas. Source: BOLD by  Peter Diamandis and Steve Kotler,   Simon & Schuster, N.Y., 2015. p.108. If you want to change, if you want different outcomes, if you want to succeed...

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What separates winners from losers?  Emotional Attention. They empower their objectives with a powerful emotion. They discover or embed an emotion that is powerful enough to keep them on track through the period of improving and then to keep themselves on track after they have achieved that objective, goal, state. That’s it. Achievers BUILD EMOTIONAL BRIDGES and then they keep those bridges in GOOD REPAIR after their bridges have been built successfully. Ever speak to a champion, anyone who is absolutely the most excellent at whatever it is they are excellent at? You get chills running up your spine. You...

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Never Too Early To GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER For Retirement

I learned of an incident the other day that made me think, “What’s this guy expect to be and look like if he lives to 75 years old?!” A large, muscular man in his mid-30s was bullying and belittling a 75-year old couple in a fast food restaurant. He was yelling and screaming at them because they were old and one had to use a walker. Of his more mild comments, “You stupid old geriatric pieces of shit…I bet you can’t even get it up…” This went on until a very close friend of mine quickly interceded and offered the bully, face-to-face, to...

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OPPORTUNITY Nests Inside REJECTION: COPING Skills for Snowflakes Who Are Easily Offended.

By now there is little doubt that to go through life without turning everything into a lawsuit, or enshrining oneself in a mental and physical bubble to avoid all harm, one has to have a well-developed skill of coping. For those lacking in coping skills, such as millennials raised under the overly-protective umbrella of doting, helicopter parents, this Nugget is intended to be a short course, mostly some ideas, to help quickly adopt a few proven techniques. Coping, can be defined as the ability to handle rejection. Rejection comes in many forms. “Micro-Assaults”, “Micro-Aggressions”, the word “No”, unanswered Tweets,...

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Why SNOWFLAKES Melt So Easily and So Often.

SNOWFLAKES: millennials. Millennials are called Snowflakes because they, as a “species”, …uh-h-h, …”melt” so easily, so to say, when faced with life’s challenges. They have become so sensitive that, instead of powering through barriers, they simply give up and shy away while acting as cry-babies who throw temper tantrums by demanding more from others, less of themselves. Feeding that ultra-sensitivity has given birth to the silliest notions of Political Correctness imaginable, including, but not limited to “micro-aggressions” and even “micro-assaults”. I could never have imagined that our society would turn so wimpy as to have a person accuse another...

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TOP SECRET:  I am going to reveal a rarely discovered, rarely used, technique for creating vast amounts of wealth, almost instantly…even if you are low on cash and are currently unemployed!! How’s that for making a strong claim?!   But I am serious. This website is here to help you succeed. My objective for this website is “Headlines you can convert into strategies to help you succeed”. And, notice, no commercials, no ads, no requests for donations, nothing but my hope that this website helps YOU. So, tell your friends who may be able to benefit from this Nugget....

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7-Deadly CREDIBILITY SINS…or, Why No One Respects or Listens to You.

During my lifetime, I heard many people, parents, employees, complain that, for them, “Nobody ever listens.” Have you ever thought or said that? Do you wonder why that is? Now you can find out why you feel so disrespected by family, friends, or even your company. I’ll present a few comments from one of the lectures by JULIAN TREASURE (See End Note)  followed by [my paraphrasing and interpretation in square brackets]. JULIAN TREASURE  explained why people don’t always listen to what we say: GOSSIP.[ If people who know you, know that you often speak about others, gossip, then they know you will...

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I hate the MAINSTREAM news. I don’t avoid it. But I do spend a lot of my time researching my own websites for the news that matters, innovations, new science discoveries, people helping people, the good stuff we seldom hear from the mainstream media. Besides, as a result of how the mainstream media was recently exposed for controlling what we see, and being controlled by political and the alphabet police groups, there is just no credibility and only a lot of mental manipulation. I don’t have to be a party to that by acting as a willing member of...

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NO JOB? Wanna Change Your Job? Then: Solve a Problem.

I’m a hardcore student of innovation. I love what the human mind is capable of doing.  I get highly jazzed when I listen to the the likes of achievers such as Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and the guy I am writing about in this post here today. JACK MA. Do you know who he is?  The founder of Ali Baba. The internet is loaded with stuff about Jack Ma. You should read ALL OF IT and watch ALL HIS VIDEOS.  But for those of you who are under a...

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HEART PROBLEMS, Yet? Atrial Fibrillation, (A-Fib).

WARNING: Always seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. If at any time you suspect you have a disease or even an “event”, get to either a doctor or an emergency hospital room to have a qualified medical practitioner perform a diagnosis. Heart problems are not something you ought to try to sleep off…If you suspect a heart irregularity, be sure to act quickly to have a doctor perform a proper, thorough diagnosis. The following is meant as information only and not as a recommendation. Heart problems are often related to a lifetime of messing up those things...

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SUPERLEARNING-How to Get Smarter, Faster, Less Effort–the DEFINITIVE GUIDE.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to succeed at almost ANYTHING,  and do that 200% quicker/sooner?! If you can screw up the courage to make a few mistakes along the way, then you can learn quicker. You will find solutions sooner. You will separate what works from that which does not work in about half the time. Here’s the secret: As soon as you have a decent amount of information, make a decision! Over a hundred years ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson, a brilliant thinker, philosophised that when it comes to the defining moments in our lives, if we simply make the...

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Another ALTZHEIMER’S, DEMENTIA Drug FAILS-but YOU May Still Succeed?

Once again we learn that trying to reverse chronic, (long-term), damage to our organs, in this case, our brain, can’t be reversed simply by swallowing a pill. Though we wish it could.  For that reason, the wish for magic pills, we are happy that pharmaceutical companies are spending billions chasing pills to work such near-instant reversal of our diseases. Unfortunately, our bodies are so complex that those companies often fail to invent drugs that can overpower nature to make any difference at all. Another pharmaceutical fails to present evidence of their newest drug making any significant improvements for patients suffering from early-stage dementia.  Having...

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