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FEAR ALZHEIMER’S, Dementia, Memory Loss? Mind Your Food & Drink!

[WARNING: See warning at end of this Nugget. You may also want to read the two books you’ll find mentioned there, too!] Another study examined the impact of food on human health. This time the focus was specifically on the BRAIN. [If this is a study result that interests you, then you may want to read the book in the END NOTE below this Nugget.] No surprise that a lifetime of food choices affects the ability of the brain to function as we age. After all, what goes into your mouth is used by this miraculous machine we call the...

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No Cure For Arthritis, Huh??! Check This.

[Warning: be sure to read the warning at the end of this article!] Many doctors believe that arthritis is not curable. Some doctors, such as Dr. John McDougall have a different opinion. McDougall’s opinion, and other doctors who also prescribe a therapy similar to that of Dr. McDougall’s who are having GREAT SUCCESS with many of their patients, THINK DIFFERENTLY. If you suffer from arthritis, or if your parent, grand parent or friend does, then take a moment to click this link and read some of the REAL PEOPLE who simply made a common-sense change because of knowledge they...

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During the writing phase of my career, I piked up a few life-lessons that I’ve used often when trying to meet and break the ice with “big wigs”. It can be boiled down to, “Bait and Hook”. I learned, early on, that the “BAIT” is as important as the “Hook” when I tried to interview two Masters of a certain martial arts system for an international martial arts magazine.  Upon my arrival and introduction the atmosphere became very tense. Though I had set up the interview weeks in advance and thought I had had their cooperation, I was met...

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COMMON CORE SUCCEEDING: Dummies Everywhere!!!

I recently purchased an item to do a small repair job in my house. The price, including sales taxes, [money the government badly needs in order to help finance the educational system], came to $9.05.  So, I handed the cashier a $10.00 bill…yes…paper currency still exists and I occasionally use it. The cashier, a young gentleman of college age, stood there with the $10.00 bill in hand…brain freeze! I thought that he was waiting for me to produce the $0.05. After an awkward moment, I said, “Oh.  Okay.  Let me check my change to see if I have that.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a handful of change among which was, indeed, a $0.05.  With a somewhat enthusiastic gesture, and broad smile of satisfaction on my face, I handed the cashier the $0.05 just as the cash drawer happened to pop open. Then, I watched as the young gentleman stared at the cash draw while holding the $10 bill in one hand and the $0.05 in the other. He occasionally glanced up at the digital display of the cash register. It was as if I was watching a robot needing a reboot. I finally asked, “Is there a problem that I can help you with?” He turned with an embarrassed expression on his face revealing that his brain was in a vegetative state of suspended animation...

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Teach Self & Elderly Parents To Switch off AUTO-PILOT.

As we get older, we spend more time caring for elderly parents or grandparents. One of the often heard comments is, “I must be losing my mind…I keep misplacing things like my car keys, eye glasses, or even where I park my car at the mall…” Likely, those comments arise from two factors: A lifetime of eating fats and processed foods, which, to use a colloquial term, “clog our arteries” and starve the brain of nutrients needed to keep the brain healthy over a lifetime.  Similar problem from eating a lifetime of processed and packaged foods which are so...

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For those who have been long-time readers, you’ve heard me warning repeatedly about the paradox of taking supplements to achieve optimal health. Supplements taken to improve health may have just the opposite effect over a long enough period of time. And…so we discover this paradox once again from ANOTHER STUDY about yet another supplement that can DAMAGE rather than optimize your health. As a rule, your best source of nutrients is nutritionally-dense foods, not supplements, unless your doctor prescribes a specific supplement to treat a specific disease or deficiency or as part of a medical treatment program. Recently a...

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This website is rich with [~500] important, time-saving, NUGGETS to help you succeed:  Use this site’s SEARCH BOX to explore by topic of interest to you, such as: wealth, investing, time management, aging, optimum health, diabetes, exercise, running, weightlifting, resume, interview, job politics, career, success, motivation, memory, by chronic diseases such as Altzheimer’s, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, memory loss, etc., flying car, ego, management, successful managing of people, vitamins, dangers of supplements, best diet in...

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World’s STUPIDIST RUNNERS: Ninja Runners.

Nighttime NINJA runners are the world’s “stupidist” exercisers. The world’s smartest runners show the world they are BRILLIANT– their brilliance shines —  while running at night: They wear bright (retro-reflective)See End Note 1 They wear light–white or yellow They run on the sidewalk or bike path–not alongside the roadway. Almost every night I pass an idiot runner who is dressed in dark colors while running alongside the roadway and thereby mixing with traffic in dark Ninja-like clothing.  Those are the “STUPIDIST” PEOPLE ON EARTH.  Men and women with zero I.Q. The paradox is amusing. By day, many of these idiots...

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Getting Your Goals ON.

About six months ago I bumped into a gentleman who was excelling at his workouts at our gym. At that time he was proud and bragging about his fitness program. Then, he disappeared for many months. When he reappeared, I asked the same question most of you would be tempted to ask, “What happened? Where’d you go?” He replied with embarrassment, “I guess I just gave up. But now I’m back.”  But since making that bold claim, he’s never returned. I resolved to not be  like that man and to stick to my workouts. But, it dawned on me...

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Wait?! First Animal Foods Killing Us, Now, PLANT FOODS, Too?!

You need to know: Plant foods are the best foods for most people, unless one has a known allergy to a plant food.  That’s the short answer. So, here we go again. ANOTHER book emerged to assuage people’s guilt feelings about eating plenty of animal proteins. This recent work had a unique slant and became a best seller.  People were hoping it made for a great argument to eat lots of animal protein. It would have but for one thing. The real world, NATURE, stepped up and got in the way of the premise of that book. This time...

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Biggest DIAMOND is in Your Backyard!

I want to introduce you to the success story of  But first I have to get something off my chest. I am at a loss when it comes to explaining why there are so many healthy, capable, intelligent people still unemployed when there are so MANY OPPORTUNITIES out there to either get a job, even if part-time, or to go one better, to start one’s own business. This site has tons of suggestions for landing a job, writing resumes, and handling interviews. And…the internet is full of even more tips if one were to do a search for...

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MEMORY LOSS? Fear Alzheimer’s? Crush Your HDAC2.

[Warning: do not modify your exercise or medical therapy programs unless directed to do so under the advice of your medical specialist/physician. What follows is for information purposes only and is not a medical diagnosis, nor a recommendation of any sort.] Fresh from the MIT newsroom is information about new research that offers great promise for those experiencing memory failure and especially facing or experiencing Altzheimer’s Disease. It’s EARLY YET, but promising. Take a look… “MIT researchers have now shown that they can reverse that memory loss in mice by interfering with the enzyme that forms the blockade. The...

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When Icarus Paradox Looks Great.

I just listened to a brilliant man on a brilliant streaming show: Gerald Celente, on CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT. My compliments to both. Gerald is a man whose words are much like a shotgun blast striking clay targets. Not only on target, but able to smash right through the B.S.  Last night he made a statement that resonated deeply with me. He made my mind connect with one of my most treasured concepts in business: Icarus Paradox. Years ago I read the book, [and you should, too!], The Icarus Paradox: How Exceptional Companies Bring About Their Own Downfall, by Danny Miller. Man,...

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JOBS: Not an ‘Iridium’ Future.

In the introduction to their book, EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS, See End Note 1 the book’s authors, Ismail, Malone, and Van Geest, coin a term, “the Iridium Moment”. To briefly explain that, they refer to the demise of various business plans and companies based on simple, straight-line thinking. That is, assuming the technology, pace of change, variables and key success factors of the past can be projected into the future in a simple linear, (straight line), fashion. Then something comes along, a change in paradigms, technology, economics, whatever, and boom…that straight-line thinking hits a brick wall and fails spectacularly. When there...

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