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Hidden WEALTH and When to NOT BUY Precious Metals, Collectibles.

If you read the sales pitches, and that’s just what they are, sales pitches, from the many people pimping precious metals and collectibles, you’d think you were an idiot for not jumping into the fray and elbowing your way to the front of the line to PAY FOR and snatch as much of those items as you can carry and horde.  DON’T DO IT. The case those pimps make is very strong, of course. Can’t sell anything if you don’t make a strong case for it. But what they fail to tell you is that you get better mileage, today,...

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I find it amusing when people try to solve major problems by turning to tiny piece of the larger problem rather than addressing the entire problem as one whole unit. Healthcare outcomes and costs is a good example of everyone arguing about how to treat symptoms when the cure for most of chronic disease is quite literally an attitude change away. Reductionist thinking is making progress, albeit, at a snails pace, when major change could be had in what amounts to seconds on the human evolutionary time scale. Reductionist treatment of symptoms in the healthcare industry DOES VERY LITTLE...

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Becoming WEALTHY is NOT Rocket Science.

The SOLUTION is simple, do-able, and in-your-face, yet, few CHOOSE to act on it. The solution is to REDUCE money you are paying, (outgoing), for stuff. If it costs money, think of doing without it, using or downsizing to as little as possible, or substituting something smaller, more utilitarian, and much less expensive! Becoming wealthy is not rocket science; nor is, getting out from under your bills! When it comes to building one’s wealth, Tony Robbins once said, “It’s NOT a secret.” And he went on to explain that so few people really want to listen to how easy it is to become...

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That Glass Ceiling May Be Your Boss.

Throughout my extensive career I have heard many complain about this or that ceiling. At one time it was fashionable for women to complain about a “Glass Ceiling”. Let’s be clear, no pun intended, about one thing when it comes to careers. They are encouraged, supported, and shaped…by your boss. So if you are bumping your head on any kind of ceiling, glass or otherwise, it is because you lack support from your boss. In turn, support comes in two versions, preference or coaching. Let’s deal with preference. If your boss favors you, for whatever reasons, [ETHICAL REASONS, PLEASE],...

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EMITTING A Rotten Signal Costing You Love or Promotions?

Whether it is with the love of your life or that big career opportunity, is there something that seems to be acting as a barrier? Could it be that you are offending people with your body odor without realizing it? The human nose is an amazing protrusion that we often take for granted. It serves a much more important purpose than to merely point you in the direction you want to go. It also is an extremely sensitive detector of odors…smells. We use it to help us appreciate the delicious aroma from fine foods, even beverages. We use it to fill...

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BAD BREATH AT WORK Can Kill Your Career.

Hate to be so to-the-point, but does  your breath stink? BAD BREATH: In medical jargon, this is labelled “HALITOSIS”.  Halitosis usually originates from the putrefaction–the decay–of PROTEINS in the mouth and in the large bowel. That decay of waste materials generates a gas-like compound of sulfur. Our noses are very sensitive when it comes to detecting sulfur. “Proteins with the highest content of sulfur-containing amino acids are found in red meats, poultry, cheeses and all other animal-derived foods. … If you want to drastically cut down on your sulfur intake and improve your breath odor, then the most basic...

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World’s BIGGEST CONTRIBUTORS? Are You One of Them?

[PHOTO CREDIT: GENIUS NETWORK. ] The other day I happened to mention how much I admire one of today’s celebrities, TONY ROBBINS. I hardly had a chance to speak his name when someone I was talking with blurted out, “Oh he’s such bullshit.” I was stunned. I stopped in mid sentence and asked, “Why do you say that?” “Oh, I know his type. They are all the same. Personal agendas and they screw us to get what they need and want at our expense.” I’m not the type to bite my tongue and I’m not the type to defend...

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PERFECTIONIST? Avoid Risk-On Jobs.

Perfectionists are people whose ego is so strong as to prevent them from making decisions when risk of failure predominates. Perfectionists fear failure. Though very smart people, perfectionists are often slow learners because they deprive themselves of one of the best learning experiences that life has to offer: failure. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison As much as I could feel the frustration of a wanna-be hedge-fund trader whom I watched on my TV set the other night, I could not help but repeatedly asking myself why such brilliant people can’t see the obvious....

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Want a Job? Prove You Can Do It Better.

If you are clamoring for a promotion or trying to get your first job, just remember that you are competing against thousands who, like you, have a master degree, or at a very minimum an undergraduate degree, some even a PhD. So how do you break in? Prove you can do the job better than your competitors can. Or, a job similar to the one you are applying for. Bring your proof to the interview and outline your proof in your resume. And, make your proof stand out so the Human Resource Department that sorts through incoming resumes has...

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Why Managers succeed: The Paradox of Budgets.

Successful managers understand the paradox of budgets. Budgets exist to ensure results are delivered on time and to agreeable levels, including sales forecasts and especially expenditures and any other type of cost. Budgets, and the budget setting process, is absolutely critical to the success of any person, household, department, division, company. Budgets matter. Budgets matter even more if the manager, who will be measured by the budget, is the one who creates the budget and then sells it upwards to the stakeholders and guardians of the consolidated corporate financials, such as the board of directors or the various operating Vice...

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Why Managers Succeed: Recognition Culture

Employees not only enjoy, but NEED to be recognized. Managers who do so on a regular basis enjoy more “motivated” employees. There are many ways to incorporate a recognition program into your managerial program. Certainly you can provide a token gift, or a gift certificate for an employee’s favorite coffee shop. Most companies prohibit such financial incentives since it does, sometimes, complicate the corporate tax matter which may also impact the individual’s taxes as well. Sometimes a financial “gift’ can be “grossed up” by the company to help take the edge off the taxes paid by the employee, but the...

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Why Managers Succeed: Walk The Talk

Nothing makes an employee more suspicious of a manager than a manager who is  all things to all people. Especially if that manager is only too eager to sacrifice a direct report for a chance to kiss the butt of upper management. Managers who are true to themselves and to their employees score and win big in terms of loyalty, productivity, dedication, and reputation. During my many years in management I think I’ve seen just about everything imaginable. What stands out most is those moments in time when I saw managers who tussled with upper management to protect their...

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Why Managers Succeed: Visibility

To discover invisible managers, simply follow the mess they leave in their wake. One of the precepts of good management is to make plenty of contact with direct reports and stakeholders. Contact, face-to-face is best, but if the manager is remotely located from an employee or key supplier, then contact by SKYPE, is okay, or any other online platform, especially if it facilitates video so parties can see the various nuances, gestures, facial features that make video so valuable. Being visible reduces the chances of error in communications. It also goes a long way to reducing the daily anxiety experienced by...

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Why Managers Succeed: Celebrations

Helicopter parents have gone too far. But most bosses have not gone far enough. While raising children, doting helicopter parents would treat everything their precious little ones did as the world’s most important experience and contribution, thus,  leaving their children with the belief, and conditioning, that they can do no wrong and that everything they do is awe-inspiring. When these very same pinnacles of achievement hit the work world, the results were far less than stellar. I’d use the terminology, “absolutely disappointing”.  Imagine being a manager whose every comment and request is second-guessed, questioned, demanding of an explanatory rationale....

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Enjoy Eating Meat? Order A TMAO To GO.

If you enjoy a good steak, hamburger, or any other meat and dairy products…then you might want to consider asking your doctor for a TMAO blood test…It might cost you about $50 (USA) but is certainly the way to go until more detailed research reveals more precise data. New research from overseas reveals that, in its early findings, if your blood test reveals high levels of  TMAO  then you are likely to suffer, uh-h-h-h, no easy way to say this, “DEATH” as soon as from one month to 7 years, or  stroke and/or heart attack. So, the TMAO test...

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