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YOU Have a Lot of POTENTIAL!

If someone knowledgeable in nutrition says to you, “You have a lot of potential”, be sure to ask that person exactly what is meant.  That statement may not be a compliment! If you studied physics, you are familiar with the terms Potential Energy. Potential energy is STORED energy. When we eat food or drink beverages containing calories, the body jacks up insulin to convert those calories into glucose to replace the glucose in the liver that the body needs and consumes each day.  If you eat or drink too much, that extra energy is stored in the rest of...

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Men: you CAN make one very important ORGAN on your body GROW MUCH LARGER by eating plenty of protein, drinking alcohol, enjoying sweetened products, relaxing a lot,  and indulging in dairy products. O-o-o-ops!  Sorry.  It’s not the organ you are likely thinking about. This organ won’t please your sex partner and it won’t please you. In fact, for both of you, it is likely to become a big pain in the ass, (pardon the pun). It’s the PROSTATE. By indulging in the typical American diet and lifestyle you are almost certain to earn yourself either an ENLARGED PROSTATE or...

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KNOCKOUT Strategies For CAREER Acceleration.

Want to get ahead in your career?  Here’s 8 strategies that can help to make it happen. Drop the ego! Think of yourself as a product. Do what marketers do for products, but do it to yourself. That means to think of a clever way to advertise yourself without turning off your audience. [This site has tips on self-promotion.  Apply them!  See End Note 1 ] You’ve heard the old adage, “No human is an island”?  That certainly applies tenfold when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder in business. To be able to move up, you need many people...

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Do You Know How to Manage Worry?

There are so many fears out there that we may spend an inordinate amount of time just worrying. Some people even worry about worrying. If that’s you, this Nugget may be timely. A cursory glance of alternative and mainstream media enabled me to create a basic list of over 65 fears. And that list is not complete. I got tired of reading about fears in the press so switched off my computer. Life has plenty of things we must worry about. Not a day will go by without us fearing something and often some new thing. Plenty of people...

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Yikes. Reports are emerging that SUPERVOLCANOES are heating up and starting to become active. The most recent was a Zerohedge article announcing Antarctic is melting due to a Supervolcano under the ice shield. An active volcano below the Antarctic ice shield is nothing new, but the notion that it is becoming more active is worthy of note. It was Ker Than, back in November of 2013 who reported in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC that a new volcano was discovered years earlier, back in 2010, by a team of scientists. That new volcano was under the Antarctic ice shield. Than’s article was...

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GriD and Bear It.

Are electric vehicles REALLY environmentally friendly? Some scientists argue, “No!!!!”; others, “Yes!!!” This discourse is causing a clash of titans. This question has some of the world’s top scientists plugged into a debate which is consuming a lot of energy. [Sorry, I’m uncontrollable when it comes to making a pun.] The debate is as far ranging as CLIMATE CHANGE. If the government can’t prove that electric vehicles will save Earth from warming, or cooling, whatever piece of propaganda is most useful, then the government believes it will fail to convince you to pay much more in tax dollars to...

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Another media blitz is happening, these days, trying to convince the nation that you are bad people screwing up the climate because of plant and vehicle emissions. The media is gleefully announcing the results of the Obama-financed, 4-year study of climate change. But, typical of the media, it fails you once again. In short, yes climate change is real, is happening, because it always has and always will. But don’t believe that you are accelerating it. YOU are NOT AT FAULT. It’s been going on for over 4.5 BILLION years, with and without humans, with and without dinosaurs, and...

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GLUCOSAMINE for Your Joints or is it All In Your Head?

[WARNING: Before making any changes to your diet or therapy programs, check with your doctor who is authorized to diagnose and treat symptoms and disease. The following is for discussion purposes only and is not a recommendation.] Another round of studies proves aspirin, or equivalent pain medication, may be cheaper than burning through cash if you are currently swallowing expensive Glucosamine supplements for control of your joint pain. As all doctors know all too well, it is difficult to get around the PLACEBO effect See End Note 1 when discussing and trying to measure such things as pain levels....

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Women: “Wait…The Draft?!”

Women have demanded equality to men in all things. So, this only makes sense… Until recently, only men were conscripted to war when a draft was in play. That may be about to change if the Pentagon and the Democrats have their way. If this legislation goes through, and there are indications it  will  go through, the legislation will MANDATE that if America implements a draft for war, women will be called up just as men are. For more than TWO YEARS–[so, you can’t blame President Trump for this one!]–the fat-cats, even the female fat-cats, in politics, have been...

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FEAR ALZHEIMER’S, Dementia, Memory Loss? Mind Your Food & Drink!

[WARNING: See warning at end of this Nugget. You may also want to read the two books you’ll find mentioned there, too!] Another study examined the impact of food on human health. This time the focus was specifically on the BRAIN. [If this is a study result that interests you, then you may want to read the book in the END NOTE below this Nugget.] No surprise that a lifetime of food choices affects the ability of the brain to function as we age. After all, what goes into your mouth is used by this miraculous machine we call the...

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No Cure For Arthritis, Huh??! Check This.

[Warning: be sure to read the warning at the end of this article!] Many doctors believe that arthritis is not curable. Some doctors, such as Dr. John McDougall have a different opinion. McDougall’s opinion, and other doctors who also prescribe a therapy similar to that of Dr. McDougall’s who are having GREAT SUCCESS with many of their patients, THINK DIFFERENTLY. If you suffer from arthritis, or if your parent, grand parent or friend does, then take a moment to click this link and read some of the REAL PEOPLE who simply made a common-sense change because of knowledge they...

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During the writing phase of my career, I piked up a few life-lessons that I’ve used often when trying to meet and break the ice with “big wigs”. It can be boiled down to, “Bait and Hook”. I learned, early on, that the “BAIT” is as important as the “Hook” when I tried to interview two Masters of a certain martial arts system for an international martial arts magazine.  Upon my arrival and introduction the atmosphere became very tense. Though I had set up the interview weeks in advance and thought I had had their cooperation, I was met...

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COMMON CORE SUCCEEDING: Dummies Everywhere!!!

I recently purchased an item to do a small repair job in my house. The price, including sales taxes, [money the government badly needs in order to help finance the educational system], came to $9.05.  So, I handed the cashier a $10.00 bill…yes…paper currency still exists and I occasionally use it. The cashier, a young gentleman of college age, stood there with the $10.00 bill in hand…brain freeze! I thought that he was waiting for me to produce the $0.05. After an awkward moment, I said, “Oh.  Okay.  Let me check my change to see if I have that.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a handful of change among which was, indeed, a $0.05.  With a somewhat enthusiastic gesture, and broad smile of satisfaction on my face, I handed the cashier the $0.05 just as the cash drawer happened to pop open. Then, I watched as the young gentleman stared at the cash draw while holding the $10 bill in one hand and the $0.05 in the other. He occasionally glanced up at the digital display of the cash register. It was as if I was watching a robot needing a reboot. I finally asked, “Is there a problem that I can help you with?” He turned with an embarrassed expression on his face revealing that his brain was in a vegetative state of suspended animation...

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Teach Self & Elderly Parents To Switch off AUTO-PILOT.

As we get older, we spend more time caring for elderly parents or grandparents. One of the often heard comments is, “I must be losing my mind…I keep misplacing things like my car keys, eye glasses, or even where I park my car at the mall…” Likely, those comments arise from two factors: A lifetime of eating fats and processed foods, which, to use a colloquial term, “clog our arteries” and starve the brain of nutrients needed to keep the brain healthy over a lifetime.  Similar problem from eating a lifetime of processed and packaged foods which are so...

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For those who have been long-time readers, you’ve heard me warning repeatedly about the paradox of taking supplements to achieve optimal health. Supplements taken to improve health may have just the opposite effect over a long enough period of time. And…so we discover this paradox once again from ANOTHER STUDY about yet another supplement that can DAMAGE rather than optimize your health. As a rule, your best source of nutrients is nutritionally-dense foods, not supplements, unless your doctor prescribes a specific supplement to treat a specific disease or deficiency or as part of a medical treatment program. Recently a...

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