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The SEX molecule? NITRIC OXIDE.

Because you enjoy making love, you will want to protect your body’s ability to manufacture this one very important molecule: nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is made by the endothelium, a one-cell thin layer lining the inside of the arteries, that allows arteries in both men and women to flex, to expand and contract, and to remain healthy long into old age. Healthy endothelium, contributes to healthy arteries; healthy arteries, to healthy everything, including healthy sex. When it comes to sexual arousal, you want to have excellent endothelium. For men, erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of extensive damage already...

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Psssst…Have 4 Minutes to SAVE YOUR LIFE, Life of Your Loved Ones?

Study after study is emerging lately that is proving the soundness of research done, as well, decades ago. Bottom line, like it or not, is that optimal health comes from VEGAN diets that also minimizes or eliminates entirely oils of any kind. WOMEN WANTING TO GET PREGNANT who are doing so through In Vitro Fertilization, (IVF) may wish to pay closer attention to the role that a vegetarian, and even a stricter form of veganism may play in achieving successful outcomes.   “…diet modifications and greater compliance to the Mediterranean diet may help increase the chances of a successful pregnancy...

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OMEGA-3 OIL Does NOT Help Protect Against CHD.

ANOTHER study emerges that shows another supplement may be just a waste of your hard-earned money. Referring to studies in which consumption of oily fish,  or supplementation with Omega-3 derived from fish, are studied to determine if there is protection for those who had coronary heart diseases, (CHD), a RECENT meta-study See End Note 1   concluded, “…omega-3 fatty acids, [from fish sources], …provides no support for current recommendations for the use of such supplements in people with a history of coronary heart disease.”  This study was limited to over 77,000 people taking 1,000 milligrams daily of fish-oil derived Omega-3....

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People tire quickly of fad diets or even those diets defended as “not a fad, but a commitment to a new lifestyle!” People are eager for something new. Anything that is easy for losing weight or optimizing health, especially if it is in a pill form. And here it is… Websites are beginning to push a supplement of Fullerenol C60(OH)24, also called CARBON-60, also designated as CARBON60 or C-60. People have begun taking C-60 as a supplement BEFORE ALL THE SCIENCE proves it is safe in the long run, to do so. My favourite expression, “Anyone or anything can be...

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Now THIS is Real CLIMATE CHANGE! And, Carbon Credits or Higher Taxes Didn’t Stop It.

I’ve written many times that “TAXATION to Mitigate Climate Change” is a bunch of nonsense but now we have more proof. Raising taxes and also imposing higher costs for goods through “Carbon Tax Credits” certainly will financially drain tax payers, will put people out of work, and will suck money out of desperately needed social, veteran, and emergency-response budgets. But it will do NOTHING to slow, stop or reverse climate change! This is explained thoroughly in a textbook and in terminology that you and I can understand:   Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science.”  See End Note 1 If you dislike...

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Does Individualism Die With the Death of Local Radio?

Tonight I listened to a discussion stimulated by John B. Wells during his show, [that I treasure], titled CaravanToMidnight, available online. Mr. Wells was one of the first broadcasters I heard speaking about protecting his creative freedom to cover controversial topics of his choice, speaking in ways he chooses, without having to censor his programs to avoid offending large corporate sponsors. Wells recognized a while ago that the very need to serve large corporate sponsors imposes a negative effect on broadcasting: it stifles creativity and innovation. That was also much of the discussion of his show this evening. Tonight’s...

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Marijuana May Save Your Life!! Non-PsychoActive Cannabis Does Rock!

Maybe everyone ought to be more aware of the BENEFITS of medical marijuana, even if it does NOT give you a buzz!! What you are about to read will shock you. Not only does medical marijuana help with nausea, pain, and many other symptoms of many ailments, as attested to by patients, (of legitimate medical doctors),  who are using medical marijuana, but even the USA Federal Government knows of the many benefits and has for a very long time! To start with, let me explain that there is a difference between the marijuana referred to in the following Nugget...

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Why People FAIL.

People tend to make things terribly complicated. This is especially true for those who fail to achieve their goals and aspirations. Strip away all the justifications and rationalisations. Doing so will reveal just a few reasons at the heart of failures of most people. People say they want to achieve a goal, or to succeed just to please someone else, but lack the conviction for themselves. Thus, they go through the motions, but either the wrong motions or the right motions but halfheartedly without the enthusiasm, passion, and conviction required for achieving any tough goal. People FEAR SUCCESS. You...

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END 2017 With a …BOOM!!

This website originated with the intention to help baby BOOMers who had Questions by providing online  Answers. Thus, the name BOOM-QA.COM . But, over the months during which it gained its initial exposure, the people who were discovering this website extended all the way down to recent graduates of colleges and universities who sought advice from me and other baby boomers.  So, I kept the website name, but changed the intention of the website to that of providing information to people like you who seek EXPERIENCED and PROVEN information that can be of strategic benefit to helping them do...

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Not exactly. But if you read or listen to the many alternate websites and even some of the mainstream media, you’d think we’ve just been given a green light to go nuts with MARIJUANA.  That’s not quite correct. The World Health Organization, (WHO), did speak to an ingredient within WEED, (Marijuana), particularly  within medical marijuana, an ingredient called CANNABIDIOL, (CBD).  It basically said that there is no medical or scientific reason to treat CBD as other addictive drugs, since CBD, following the research methodology they conducted,  is NOT ADDICTIVE. In other words, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION issued a public...

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REPAIR the Damage From KETO-DIETS?

Some of my friends on the Keto-Diet claim that, if many of their bio-markers appear to improve, then how can it be unhealthy? Dr. McDougall mentioned that the same positive bio-marker effects are also achieved when doctors place their patients on CHEMOTHERAPY. Does that suggest that obese people ought to jump into CHEMOTHERAPY to loose weight?  Of course not. Remember, anyone and anything can be or look great for a few minutes. But what of the longer-term? Doctors would agree that if you put less food into your body, your body organs have less to work with and respond...

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Fasting…the DARK SIDE?!

I am ashamed to admit that I got suckered into the excitement of experimenting with an extended, water-only fast. But before I go deeper into my shameful lack of awareness prior to my water-fast, I must differentiate between what I did, (a water-only, longer term, eg., 5-day, fast) and very short-term fasts such as is practised by some religions or ideologies. The notion of blasting off body weight by eating nothing and drinking only water was a big change from the everyday vegan, no oils, lifestyle I’ve adopted over the past few years. On that lifestyle I dropped over...

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Fasting?! …Heck, No! …. I’m BIOHACKING.

NO FOOD touches the lips of some CEOs in Silicon Valley for up to 9 days! Yes. That’s right. No food for 9 days. They do it voluntarily. All the while, their faces are beaming with smiles! They love doing it!  Are these people nutty or what? [WARNING: IF YOU DO THIS, ONLY DO IT UNDER PROPER MEDICAL SUPERVISION AND WITH PROPER MEDICAL CONSULTATION!!] Whether short-term, or interval, or longer time, (like 9 days), these people willingly, and encouragingly, practise a major part of what these bad boys and bad gals call, “BIO-HACKING”. The fasting component of bio-hacking. Because...

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PROOF KETO Diets May Be Dangerous?!

What’s a KETO DIET? This is the new rage among millenials. It is a diet during which people consume very few, or ideally, no carbohydrates, (aka., “carbs”), lots of fat, and some protein. The theory is to achieve a “state of ketosis” one must avoid all carbs. A keto diet, being low on carbs attempts to put people into a state of ketosis. A State of Ketosis: In the absence of consuming carbs, the body will deplete its energy which is stored in the liver in the form of glucose. Once the body runs out of glucose, the brain commands...

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Suddenly 30 Million MORE Have High Blood Pressure.

Medical research now concludes that too many Americans have constricted arteries. To be true to the announcement, it wasn’t announced that way. The announcements said, “high blood pressure guidelines were lowered to 130/80.” The medical profession did this because this most recent study PROVES that risk of strokes and heart attacks RISE dramatically as blood pressure readings rise above 130/80. This study,  with over 30,000 participants, is a statistically significant study size. When a study of this size CONFIRMS a potential health problem exists, you can bet that it does and that it likely is important information to you. But...

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