Have you been called a “Sheeple” to your face by those who endorse alternative websites?

Do you even know what a “Sheeple” is?!

Over the past ten years, I’ve  informally  tracked a large number, [I lost count, but well over 150], of alternative websites’ negative predictions. And none of what I tracked ever came to pass. All fear-mongering predictions were duds.

The latest is today’s, Sept 23, 2017’s, failed prediction of global collapse, or some other global catastrophie.

SOMETHING MAJOR was supposed to happen, today,  according to the mystical warnings published in some alternative websites, and due to the alignment of planets; others, also playing the role of false prophets, cited passages from the Christian “bible” to warn the entire civilization, as we know it, to kiss our collective asses a good-bye.

Well here I am.  It’s kiss-your-ass-good-bye day, AGAIN.

It’s Sept 23 and I am writing this from the comfort of my office looking out of my window at a clear blue sky and at our neighborhood going about their typical frenzied day: chasing kids, exercising, cutting lawns, etc. Doesn’t look like an asteroid struck earth?! Nor does it look as if the planetary alignment tore the earth into two pieces, or that the north and south poles suddenly reversed while we slept last night.  What gives?

I bet the only correlation to any of these false prophecies was an increase in subscribers for those chumps pumping out that kind of disaster rhetoric. But what of conspiracies and of those websites that make fortunes by touting all manner of conspiracies?

They thrive on presenting stuff that can never be proven or dis-proven. So, they get away with saying anything they wish and proclaiming all manner of conspiracies. Most people lack the skills to question deeply enough so assume the written words on many alternative websites to be information rather than opinion. But conspiracies are particularly exciting, delicious, and most appealing to the gullible.

I have an example…

A few years ago, there was a website and a bunch of YouTube videos claiming a missile struck a fertilizer plant. I took the time to closely examine the slow motion video which, rather than missile, was showing a flash, a source of the spark, that triggered a  “BLEVE”. (See end Note 1)   As that ignition source became visible, when it flashed to become visible through a smog-like cloud, the vapor from the liquid, to the uneducated eye it looked like a white missile. So, of course, it was a missile attack and all that was needed was some story that no one could prove or disapprove to wrap around the missile attack.

There was no missile. With no missile the conspiracy fell apart. But no one bothered to recant.

Because, OCCASIONALLY, these alternative websites nail an event early, subscribers are quick to point to that RARE EVENTUALITY to justify everything published on alternative websites. This is what makes those subscribers every bit a SHEEPLE as those who only get their information from the mainstream media.

Call it what you will. But anytime ANYONE accepts ANY INFORMATION source and its information without constantly and tirelessly checking for common sense, validity, verification, and applicability, one is opening themselves to being a SHEEPLE.

SHEEPLE? Let’s break that down: SHEEp-peoPLE.

Sheeple is intended as a derogatory label for those who get their information only from the MSM. By doing so, they are assumed to be docile like sheep; compliant, like sheep (though anyone who tried to corral a sheep knows that’s pretty tough to do single-handed); and in particular, easily influenced and lead, like sheep. Thus, the label, “SHEEP-PEOPLE”, or “Sheeple”.

But subscribers to the alternative media do exactly that, but to a more ferversome degree, more apostolic, more evangelical, even more obsessive degree. That makes them more “sheeple-ish”, although they are being shepple to alternative media rather than to the mainstream media.

So, we need a new label, folks.

We need a label for those who are being even more sheeple but to/of the alternative media.  For those who obsess over being more informed and argue that they are more informed because they get their information from alternative sources of information, for those who pledge allegiance to alternative media.

How about “SHEEPLE-2“?

That way we can designate blind followers of mainstream media information as SHEEPLE-1, and blind followers of alternative website media as SHEEPLE-2.

Which is better?  Sheeple-1 or Sheeple-2?  Neither.

Information has the power to inform and to mislead.

As a WORD OF WARNING:  Whether you get your information from the mainstream media or from the alternative “press”, keep in mind that underlying ANY source of information is the undercurrents of PROPAGANDA (See End Note 2), the influence of money, vested interests, hidden agendas, and especially the need to survive by attracting subscribers by slanting information for the sake of sensationalism.

In other words, whether you get your information from mainstream media, or from alternative websites, be on guard, question thoroughly…and…verify everything. Granted, we can’t do that for every bit of information. But for  information you regard as significant, before you do accept it as significant, question thoroughly. But be sure you are asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.


  1. BLEVE:  Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion. This is often associated to propane tanks,  or train tank cars carrying volatile chemicals, in the midst of a heat source such as a fire which causes the liquid in the tank to boil.  The vapors that escape require an ignition source which can be the immediate fire or an external spark which can appear in slow-motion video as a white object or even a lightening bolt. Those who are less versed on the subject might describe it to their readers as a “missile”, when it is, instead, a natural phenomenon associated with some BLEVEs.
  2. PROPAGANDA: (source: WEBSTER DICTIONARY): “the spreading of information to either further or to damage a cause”… (source: GOOGLE online): “information especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”