A few days ago, Zerohedge.com published a piece stating that Deutsche bank allegedly refused to give a client his gold.(End Note #1)  This alleged failure to deliver is BIG NEWS in the investor community. It is not the fist time a bank refused to provide physical gold to the actual owners of their physical gold.

Kingsworld News, back in November 23, 2014, reported that a client who placed gold bullion in a swiss bank for safekeeping was allegedly told they no longer had his bullion. Instead, that bank offered him a paper contract.(End Note #2)

How pervasive is this apparent gold shortage?

Back in January, 2016, the Silver Doctors reported that for every one ounce of physical gold registered at the COMEX there was 542 people who owned it.

Joseph P. Farrell speculates that, since the Europeans, France and Germany, recently rejected the sensationalised TTIP trade agreement, (End Note #3)   the Europeans may be hunkering down in preparation of major retaliation. Farrell doesn’t say specifically who is likely to do the retaliating,  or in what form it may take.  I take Farrell’s comments to imply that the USA will the one to use either economic or military retaliation or both.

If economic, then it may explain European Central Banks wanting to hoard every once of gold it can.  If the response is going to be military, then, likely that won’t end well, either.

Germany has substantially increased its expenditures on its military. Some other countries have done so, too.  Germany, France, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen,  and quite a number of other countries have reportedly strengthened their ties to each other. Though I do not know as a certainty, I suspect they also agreed to support each other’s military.

At one point in time, lets call that the good old days, the USA dollar was backed by petroleum, a strong USA-based manufacturing industry, and a frighteningly strong military. But that was the good old days.

These days, with petroleum being plentiful everywhere, with USA having sent its manufacturing base to Mexico and China, and with reports of the Obama administration stripping funding from its military, the USA may be more bark than bite. There is mounting evidence in the alternative press that America is no longer perceived as a powerhouse, either economically or militarily.

Since the USA was the great champion of globalisation because it allowed itself to spread its empire across the globe under the guise of “defending democracy”,  USA hegemony may be slowing and with that its power to influence other countries to support globalisation.

Indeed globalisation may be in jeopardy.  Farrell surmises that this Deutsche bank refusal to fill a delivery of a gold contract is revealing a major crack in the foundation of globalisation.(End Note #3)  

What does this mean to you? Recall the promise. Globalisation was supposed to be good for Americans. Globalisation was supposed to create millions upon millions more jobs for Americans. Globalisation was supposed to improve standard of living and to make America the most desired country in the world. Well, evidence is in. Globalisation is a bust.

Americans have another chance to reset America’s agenda when the polls open for the  presidential election. Make the most of your vote. To do that, you may have to learn something about the world outside of America and what’s going on out there, too.


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