The following video is a 75 second excerpt, to fit your busy schedule, edited from an original at See for yourself that two highly respected financial experts warn us that the economy is in trouble and that the numbers from your trusted government, and their mouthpiece, CNN, are at best, suspicious. I exhibit this video to reinforce warnings, in my other Nuggets:

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Many financial experts are warning us of a bad economy today, a worsening economy tomorrow, and of even more job losses on the horizon. Yet, CNN, delighted at spending hours ridiculing Donald Trump’s comment warning of 22% unemployment and an impending severe recession.  Even experts, like these guys in the video, discredit the cheerful numbers from the government and CNN.

My opinion: evidence mounts that Donald Trump was correct and that the economist, who appeared on CNN to trash Trump’s comments,  is looking more and more like a buffoon.

In this video, these expert opinions represent vital information that you may have been missing.